Meeting Minutes

Nick’s Fight to Be Healed Foundation

Nick’s Round Table



Outcome/Action Taken


Lauren Sawicki, Erin Doescher, Nolan Yowell, Kane Keenan, Colin Graves, Josh Foote, Emma Greenberg, Alli Anderson, Taylor Umholtz, Kendra Sisco, Erika Ryan, Kendall Graves, Amanda Graves, Lilly Fox, Nick Cardone, Kaeli Gordon, Sophia Krill, Emma Rowe, Sarah Olsen, Braedon Williams, Amelia Rust, Savannah Johnson, Emily Hayes, Shilpa Nair, Sierra Mahoney, Dylan Nezoj, Amanda Hayes, Ruben Demon, Sam Radley, Grace Isaksen, Claire Isaksen, Meghan Maloney, Sean Maloney, Trevor Connors, Becca Abel, Maddy Healy, Katie Collins, Sammie Sagnelli, Diane Lange, Janine Cammarata


Erin Doescher is in charge of motivation for the October meeting

Snack for next meeting

Katie Collins is in charge of snacks for the October meeting, and

Josh Foote is in charge of drinks for the October meeting


• First Dance on Saturday November 14th 6pm at the Hilton Garden Inn

• Collect Water Bottles after the run and bring them to the bottle return to raise money. Ruben and Dylan volunteered.

Volunteer Events

First Dance on Saturday November 14th

Next Meeting

The next Round Table Meeting is Monday October 19th.