(updated June 2014)

The following are some special playing rules that are used in American Legion.  Please also see the American Legion Rules and Major League Baseball Rules.

The DH may only hit for the pitcher. The pitcher has no batting position in the lineup and is listed below the starting lineup. You do not have to use the DH as you may have the pitcher bat for himself. (Major League Rule 6.10)

If the DH goes in to play in the field, the pitcher now must bat in the batting order in the batting position of the player who was taken out of the game. The DH can not go in the field and then have a new DH hit for the pitcher.

Re-entry is prohibited.  Once a player is removed from the game, that player is not eligible to return, except as provided below.

Injured Player Re-entry Rule (special rule). An injured player may be replaced by a player who has been removed from the game when NO other substitutes are available. The opposing coach shall choose the re-entering player and this player may not pitch if he had pitched prior to re-entering. (State rule)

The 10-run "mercy" rule (after 5 innings) is NOT in effect.   A team trailing by 10 runs may request to stop the game and the leading team must honor their request.

A pitcher may not pitch more than a total of 10 innings during any consecutive three-day period. No player may make more than three appearances as a pitcher during any three-day period. (National American Legion Rule)

Intentional Walk. Pitcher must pitch 4 balls.

The major league appeal rule is in effect.

One free trip to the mound per inning per pitcher. On the second trip in one inning, the player must be removed as pitcher and that player may not return to pitch. However, he may change to another position, and will take the batting position of the fielder he replaces. The new pitcher, if not already in the game, is now being DH’d for, if a DH is being used. If a position player is the new pitcher, the DH is lost.

Pitcher’s fingers to the mouth. The pitcher may go to his mouth while on the dirt part of the mound area, provided he is not on the rubber, and he does rub his fingers off on his shirt or pants. (Major League Rule 8.02)

The following was sent out to ALL MEMBERS BY WMBUA RULES INTERPRETER, KEVIN JOYCE on June 11, 2014:

1. A DH may be used for any player(like Federation)

2. Re-entry:all starters may be withdrawn and re-enter once, including the DH.

3. NO courtesy runners. National Legions Rules have it - Maine is NOT using it.

4 .Replacing an injured player: if all players present at a game have participated in the game and no more subs are available, the opposing coach may choose a player to replace the injured player.

5. 10 Run Rule is automatically in effect for all regular season and playoff games after 4 1/2 or 5 innings.

6. Bats must be wood or BBCOR. (coach is ejected if illegal bat is ejected).

7. Intentional Walks-must throw 4 balls.

8. No fake to 3rd, fake or throw to 1st pick-off move. It is a balk.

9. Pitcher's fingers to mouth-on dirt ok, not in contact with the rubber. MUST wipe off fingers after going to mouth before touching ball. Penalty: Balk with runners on base. Ball with bases empty.

10. Conferences: Defensive: ONE per inning, on second conference, pitcher removed as pitcher for  

                                               duration of game.

                            Offensive: up to umpire.

11. Catchers must have a helmet, mask and throat protector.

12. Appeals must be made on live balls only.

13. Slide-Rule:straight into the base or away from the fielder.

14. Collision Rule: Was it avoidable or unavoidable?  Malicious contact will result in ejection.

For Senior Legion all the above apply except:

1. DH for pitcher only

2. No re-entry

3. No Courtesy runners

4. No 10 Run Rule, but they surrender (they can give up)