MOST of the information i’ve compiled here (except for Asian and Latin America) comes from Twitter Handle @korrinesky Koko Student Doctor. Please follow her because she’s on the ground and sharing live updates.

Immediately Info shared on @korrinesky (Koko’s tweeter)

LINK to a Template she shared to write letter to your Embassy: 

WhatsApp Group “African Students in UA

created by Korrinesky  +44 7462613763

WhatsApp Group II “African Students in UA” 

Telegram Group “Financial Assistance for African Students Fleeing Ukraine” 

Google Doc with Resources for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) and Non-Ukrainian Citizens leaving Ukraine) 

Google Doc with Resources for Ukrainians Leaving Ukraine:

Google Doc with List of NGOs if you cross to Poland

Google Doc with Useful Contacts List (Not in English) 

Also, if you are an African student currently in Ukraine. You can fill out this form, so we can get an idea of how many people are here and inform each other of any updates as the situation unfolds. 

Twitter & Instagram handles to follow

Contacts (Africa)

Contacts (Asia)

Contacts (Latin America / Caribbean)


@korrinesky (Koko Student Doctor)



@yodifiji ( Dr. Ayoade Alakija)


BBCNews population correspondent



@hakierka (Amanda Waliszewska)


If you’re a student in Ukraine Twitter handle @Ghanaian_  Kojo KTcontact Dr. Albert Kitcher at Office 6, Volodymyska St., 11 Kyiv, Ukraine +380 44 2292989

According to Ghanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Contact the following if you’re in Ukraine:


Dr. Albert Kitcher at Office 6, Volodymyska St., 11 Kyiv, Ukraine

+380 44 2292989 and +380 636912538

Mr. Philp Bobie-Ansah(NUGS Ukraine President)

+380 638040428


Mr. James Arthur +421 903 257202


Mr. Boldizsar Peter Entz

+3613 09403421

+3660 9403421

Mr. Gabriel Asante

+36 202519087


Mr. Marin Stancu

+40 728 844514

+40 213351190

Mr. Philip Bobie-Ansah(NUGS Ukraine President)

+380 638040428


Mr. Samuel Asante Amofa

+48 574184309


NUGS Ukraine

+380 93 6781157

+40747568035 Mr. Okafor -
Nigerian official waiting at Romanian border

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in Kyiv




+380503101461 Amb Andre Groenewald contact in Ukraine’s
South African Embassy

Ethiopian Embassy in Berlin +491767269094

Federal Republic of
Somalia Embassy in Berlin +49 176 704 59 491 Muhamed Abdi Kulmie

Federal Republic of
Somalia Embassy In Brussels +32 466 227 727 Omar Mohamud Wardere 


Zimbabwean Embassy in Berlin +49 30 232556760

 +49 30206 2263 / 770067

zimberlin @ z i m f a . g o v . z w (FOR SOME REASON this email on Facebook comes off as SPAM, but it’s an error, so i am typing it differently) 

Zimbabwean in Belgium +32 27625808

Cameroonian students contact Mr. John Mange (Kharkov)

+380 93 637 0423

MR. Toko (Kiev) +380 93 060134

Mr. Nlep Blaise (Odessa) +380 93 0670134


The helpline numbers at Telangana Bhavan are

+91 7042566955,

+91 9949351270 and

+91 9654663661. The email id is


The helpline numbers at Telangana secretariat in Hyderabad are 040-23220603, +91 9440854433. The email id is 


The helpline numbers issued by the state Disaster Management Department are 0612-2294204, 0612-1070 and 7070290170. An email-id has also been issued by the government --  The Bihar Bhavan in New Delhi has also issued a helpline number and email-id -- 7217788114,


Indian Embassy Helpline

 Contact numbers for Emergency Situation:



Email ID for emergency response: 


Los ciudadanos peruanos en Ucrania pueden llamar al +(38) 050 3322765 a Igor Balenko, el cónsul honorario.


Los uruguayos que se encuentren en cualquier punto de Ucrania pueden contactar a la Embajada de la República de Uruguay en Rumania en el teléfono (004) 077 331 8712 y a sus familiares en Uruguay a hacer lo propio con la Oficina de Asistencia al Compatriota y Servicios a la Comunidad del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores (teléfonos: 2902 1010 ints. 76242 – 76244 – 76294 - 76237).