Pop-Up Punctuation Project

LI: to know how to use a variety of punctuation accurately (WAF7)

You are going to work to create a pop-up model of a punctuation mark as in the image below. You will then use your learning to help others in the class understand your punctuation mark.

You will choose a punctuation mark from the table below, research and learn about it and how to use it, then create a pop-up to teach the rest of the class.


full stop




question mark


brace brackets


exclamation point



“ ”

quotation/speech marks





( )

round brackets



[ ]

square brackets








You will create your pop-up using this template. Your finished pop-up will include the following information:-

  • name of the punctuation mark
  • image of the punctuation mark
  • definition of the punctuation mark
  • at least two different explanations of when to use the punctuation mark
  • at least two different example sentences with the punctuation mark being used correctly
  • your name (s)

You will be assessed using the POP-UP PUNCTUATION PROJECT RUBRIC. The assessment foci are:

WAF3: organising your text in a suitable and clear way

WAF7: using punctuation effectively and accurately

RAF2: reading and finding relevant information

Pop-Up Template Instructions

FIRST YOU MUST complete your research about your punctuation mark; find definitions, uses and examples. Have them checked before you create the pop-up.

  1. Cut out the large rectangle and two smaller pieces, as shown by the scissors ✂.

  1. Draw your punctuation mark on the ‘pop-up’ piece.

  1. Write the name of your punctuation piece in  the title space (pictured left).

  1. Enter the details and examples of your punctuation mark in the section below the ‘curtains’  (pictured below).

  1. Decorate and add colour and detail to enhance the finished pop-up.

  1. Fold the large rectangle to 90°, with the ‘curtains’ facing up.

  1. Fold the ‘hinge’ along the dotted lines.

  1. Glue the ‘hinge’ to the large rectangle at A and B, where it says ‘tape A here’ and ‘tape B here’.

  1. Glue the punctuation mark to the front of the hinge.