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I Love Coffee. I fell in love with the delicious concoction that is the Filter Coffe, say Kaapi, about a decade ago when the bylanes of Matunga kept my spirits charged with steaming hot cups of Kaapi.

It is with these caffeine-driven bouts of ambition that I begun my entrepreneurship journey and even today, I continue to cherish moments when I savour a delicious cup of coffee over and over again.

I bought from a Middle-eastern Domain Investor in 2011. All through these years, I’ve been holding myself back from doing something with the domain. Maybe a blog? or a coffee review portal? maybe a nice informative wiki about origins, and current affairs of everything robusta?

No. I said. ideally should be a one-stop beverage (and a beverage-centric lifestyle) destination to buy, learn, discuss and share everything we know and want to know about Coffee (and even Tea; all beverages in general).

Looks like 2014 2015 after all should be great time to fulfil this dream.

If you’re a coffee connoisseur, enthusiast or someone who shares my vision - feel free to drop me a line on ck [at] glamble [dot] com