Jacob Wissmiller (pictured) and his brother John were orphaned at an early age and came from Switzerland to America around 1854, when Jacob was 19 years of age. The brothers found work on a farm in Illinois, and later they both fought in the Union Army during the Civil War.

After returning from the war, Jacob married Christiana Fink and they raised a large family in Blue Mound Township. Large families became a tradition among Jacob and Christiana’s descendants; There are 617 individuals in my genealogy database, and I know there are many more that I don’t have yet.

The earliest reunion on record was in 1928. According to the minutes (below), that was the 7th annual reunion, and the first where officers were elected. If my math is right, that puts the first annual reunion in 1922, and makes 2015 the 94th annual. In any case, the reunion has been a wonderful family tradition for nearly a century.


This is a Wissmiller Family crest, provided by a family member in 2012.


This is a Fink crest of unknown origin.  

minutes1928-1.jpg   minutes1928-2.jpg