MOC General Meeting Minutes

November 27, 2013


Halloween Party Video was sweet! It will be going on Youtube and the link will be posted so all can see!


Trip Reports


Emma and friends skiied to the top of Jay Peak with skins on their skis and then had a good ride down. The people who worked there didn’t seem to mind them being there. Cool!


Leith went biking on Saturday to this very long narrow island that is basically just a bike path. He tried to go back to Montreal through Nun’s Island and got stuck!


Skyler and friends insulated the windows at the house and half fixed the water heater. He turned it on and then it quasi-repaired itself! Woohoo!


Icebreakers! Sarah propelled a canoe with an ice axe and manly screams. A lot of ice was broken by canoes. No one died and there are tons of pictures on the facebook group, check it out!



Trip Announcements


Hossein is going to Mount Gosford this weekend to camp and hike. It’s going to be rather chilly. It was freezing cold in late May last time he went. December? Balmy. Have fun, Hossein. Trip Cost: $30. Trip Date: November 30th-December 1st.


Max’s Icebreakers No. 2 – bring your ice axes! Hopefully the trips works out and it does not become a game of sliding canoes on ice…


Sarah is planning on hitchhiking to Goose Bay and skiing into the Mealy Mountains after school ends. An all-round lack of experience means fun times….!


Mark wants to go ski touring in the Adirondacks this weekend and is looking for friends. He will decide the exact location by Friday.


Colin has an open invitation for all! He will be in Fernie for 3 weeks over Christmas so you should go skiing with him if you’re in the area.


There will be a group of students heading up to the house over exams. Leaving around 9-14 of December. Will be going cross country skiing!


Sarah and her brother are going to New Hampshire this weekend if anyone wants a ride!




Donuts = Democracy




Emma – Nurse! She wants to be on the exec really bad. Been skiing for a really long time and likes beer. That’s all. Never telemarked before, but she is down to accept this challenge.


Emma WINS!



Downhill Skiing/Snowboard

Amandine – Nurse! Sick rap with flute beatbox, well done! She loves skiing and snowboarding and can’t wait to see all the awesome slopes around here! She gets intense with things that she does so watch out. She wants to do winter kayaking as well! Haha.

Emma – Nurse! Skiing since she was 2. Taking Avalanche safety and has first aid experience.


Amandine WINS!



Winter Recreation

Emma – Nurse! Loves drinking beer.  

Elodie – Likes bouldering and drinking!

AJ – Winter is the best season! You can do so many things that no one thinks of! And drink hot chocolate!




Frosh Exec

Abby – Helped out with frosh last year and did behind-the-scenes stuff. She likes skiing, canoeing, sea kayaking, cycling and hiking.


Skyler - Will bring kegs into the wilderness….


Abby WINS!


Gear Exec

Emma – Nursing student. Very organized and has mean mending skills. She has been skiing forever also.

Nate – Knows his way around the gear room and likes working there!

Oriana – Loves MOC, and went to all of the gear parties! She has lots of experience with leadership positions.

Mikaila – Has worked at MEC for 3 years, does a lot of camping, skiing and snowboarding. She’s OCD! Awesome! Likes patching gear.


Mikaila WINS!


Ice Climbing

Nate – Thinks you should vote for Caroline!

Caroline – Started ice climbing with MOC last year and then went to Alaska! She knows everything. She grew up in Northern Quebec and speaks French. We think she’s lying.


Caroline WINS!


Cross-Country Skiing

Stephanie –Has done trail work with Sarah. She enjoys taking skis up the mountains and has skiied a lot! She has no car but Sarah does have a noisy one! She can also do handstands and has WFA certification.

Hayley – Loves cross-country skiing and even went skiing this morning before class! She is on the Nordic ski team (!), has a lot of ideas for trips and has WFA certification.


Hayley WINS!


Winter Camping

Liz – Was Cross- country skiing exec. She has always wanted to build quinzees. She has a car! Fits 7.

Skyler – Was downhill exec and summer president. He knows how to be an exec! He has a car! Fits 5.


Skyler WINS by a close margin!