Pewaukee Robotics Strategic Business Plan

                      FIRST TEAM 1259 2016 - 2017


Pewaukee High School Robotics

FIRST Team 1259




Executive Summary

Mission Statement


 Team History

 Team Accomplishments

2017 Season Goals

Team Mentors

Team Members

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Future Plans


Started in 2004, Paradigm Shift is a FIRST Robotics team based in Pewaukee, WI at Pewaukee High School (PHS). In its 12th season, the team continues to further broadcast the message of FIRST, spark students’ interests in science, technology, and business to create a thriving organization.


Paradigm Shift, functioning as a small business, partners with professional instructors, engineers, and business mentors who intern students to solve complex problems through engineering, science, technology, and business principles.


Paradigm Shift is an active year round FIRST Team:




Mentor FLL Teams

Compete in FIRST events

Procure Funds from Sponsors

Host Workshops

Build a Robot

Communicate Effectively

Demonstrate Robots

Expand Technical Abilities

Work with PHS Booster Club

Community Service

Further Programming Skills

Plan for Future Successes



Paradigm Shift was formed by Pewaukee High School teachers Ruth LePoidevin, Cynthia Meyer, Craig Coursin, and Mike Spoerke, PHS parents, and aided by GE mentors. Throughout the past seasons, the team has grown its core strengths to include strong diversified sponsorship and  mentorship, as well as expanded our STEM mission to include Business Skills.  Since the team’s foundation, the number of mentors who have donated their time to the team has more than doubled. Through recruiting and an increase in interest in our robotics team, the number of team members has more than tripled, averaging 25-40 students each year.  



Wisconsin Regional, 2014 Season

Northern Lights Regional - Duluth, 2013 Season


Wisconsin Regional, 2013 Season

Wisconsin Regional, 2008 Season

Newton Division - Atlanta, 2005 Season


Wisconsin Regional, 2016 Season

Northern Lights Regional - Duluth, 2014 Season

Wisconsin Regional, 2010 Season

Wisconsin Regional, 2007 Season

Midwest Regional - Chicago, 2004 Season

Alliance Captain

Wisconsin Regional, 2016 Season

                                Northern Lights Regional - Duluth, 2014 Season

Wisconsin Regional, 2013 Season

Newton Division - Atlanta, 2005 Season

Midwest Regional - Chicago, 2004 Season

Team Spirit Award

Midwest Regional - Chicago, 2004 Season

Highest Seeded Rookie Award

Midwest Regional - Chicago, 2004 Season

Imagery Award

Midwest Regional - Chicago, 2005 Season

Judges Award

Wisconsin Regional, 2006 Season

Creativity Award - Sponsored by Xerox

Northern Lights Regional - Duluth, 2013 Season

Gracious Professionalism Award

Wisconsin Regional, 2016 Season


In its fourteenth season, Paradigm Shift’s objective is to raise a total of $35,000 for two robots, 2 competition fees, and other expenses that may be encountered. Funding for the team’s expenses comes from a variety of sources, the most funds coming from donations from sponsors. Major sponsors give hundreds or thousands of dollars, our top sponsor last season being Data Strategies with $5,000.

Paradigm Shift also engages in a separate local focused fundraising plan called 100x100, in which we hope to get $100 donations from 100 local businesses. Through the 100x100 plan, we not only hope to obtain $10,000 in donations, but also to further connect within our community. A new fundraising plan the team is going to put into action this year is called 1,000x10; the idea is based on the 100x100 plan. The team wishes to procure another $10,000 and new mentors by going to ten larger engineering and technology firms and asking for $1,000.

Paradigm Shift prides itself in accepting monetary and in kind donations from a wide variety of sources, and maintaining a strong relationship with their sponsors for years.

A major goal of the team is to build two robots for the season, one to be utilized for competitions and the other as a practice based machine.   The secondary robot will provide additional time for programming, driving practice, and troubleshooting prior to the competitions.  Having a second robot helps to improve the team’s chances for advancing further in the several competitions planned to compete in as well as give the students additional experience.

The team’s plan is to compete and win either the Wisconsin or St. Louis Regional, which would allow the team to compete at Nationals in St. Louis.


Mike Spoerke

Co-Lead Mentor

Pete Colwell

Co-Lead Mentor

Dave Selfors

Build & CAD Team

Dale Noll

Electric & Programming Team

Erick Cobb

Programming Team

Dilpreet Randhawa

CAD Team

John Johnson

Build Team

Greg Blau

Business Team

                   Robin Hicks

                   Business & Spirit Team

Jane Blau

Business, Awards  & Spirit Team

Ron Vissers

Business &  Build Team

Rick Thomas

Build & Strategy Team

Sean Hicks

Build Team

Scott O’Neal

Build Team

Terence Bucheger

Build Team

Tim Selfors

Build Team

Jeff Ding

Programming Team

Wyatt Repavich

Electric & Build Team


This year the team consists of 25 members, 5 girls and 20 boys. We also have 4 team alumni that have given back to the team. There are several different sub-teams: Awards, Build, Business, CAD, Electrical, Programming, and Spirit. By offering a wide variety of different sub-teams to students, it allows them to become exposed to all aspects of a working organization. This also creates an environment for the students in which they can decide which team/s they are most interested in to specialize in.


















Company Logo on Team T-Shirt Sleeve

Framed Team Photo

Company Name Given to be Announced at FIRST Competitions

Company Logo on Team Website

Company Name on Team T-Shirt Back

Company Name/Logo on Robot

Company Name on Website and Pit Banner


Strategic Sponsor


Strategic Sponsor


Strategic Sponsor


3+ consecutive years


3+ consecutive years


3+ consecutive years

Collaborative “for immediate release” article, company logo, and team photo sent  to three news media outlets


Illudium Sponsorship benefits


Collaborative “for immediate release” article, company logo, and team photo sent to two news media outlets


Diamond Sponsorship benefits


Collaborative “for immediate release” article, company logo, and team photo sent to one news media outlet


Platinum Sponsorship benefits


Appreciation of company highlighted in team’s social media avenues (Google+, Facebook, Twitter)





Team 1259’s educational sponsor is Pewaukee High School. The following companies are the team’s major financial and in-kind sponsors:

Strategic - Illudium Sponsors

Data Strategy

Strategic - Platinum Sponsors

GE Healthcare


Diamond Sponsors

Dedicated Computing

Power Mation

Platinum Sponsors

Pewaukee High School Booster Club 

Pewaukee Kiwanis

TLX Technologies

Bowl Rite Resurfacing Inc



Pewaukee High School

Westpro Power

Gold Sponsors

                                                       Gateway Plastics

Silver Sponsors

BSE Border States

Additional Sponsors

Coach USA

Geiger Awards




Team 1259 is looking forward to another great year, in which we will aspire for greater things, committing ourselves to continue their ambitious expansion with the vision “To transform our culture by creating a world where science and technology are celebrated and where young people dream of becoming science and technology leaders.” -Dean Kamen, Founder of FIRST.

One fundamental reason why companies invest in the team is because many team members go into the fields of engineering and business for their careers. An investment in these students is an investment in the future of science and technology.

“If America is to maintain our high standard of living, we must continue to innovate. We are competing with nations many times our size. We don’t have a single brain to waste. Math and science are the engines of innovation. With these engines we can lead the world. We must demystify math and science so that all students feel the joy that follows understanding.” -Dr. Michael Brown, Former Nobel Prize winner.