For those customers who wants to visit Eorzea cafe

 simple and easy way to get tickets from internet web

* lawson web......Open



 click this link

2. Please register point card.  

  please follow the instructions on the page.

*information of buying tickets.

1. from (eorzea cafe)open this link

2. please choose ur date and time .

3. choose payment method

credit card or lawson counter

4. after taht please follow the guidance of the page

* customers can get the tickets only from lawson

1.Receipt which come from loppi machine take that receipt to the lawson counter

this is not a real ticket

2. please exchange that receipt with ticket form lowson counter.

 case of purchase tickets from the lawson shop

Use the loppi machine of lawson shop.


please follow the guidance of the page


2.keyword is「エオルゼアカフェ]

3.customer get tentative reservation receipt.

* will redeem the tentative resrvation receipt at the laeson store cash register

1. please be sure to exchange. this is not a real tickets

2. after payment dont forget to take your tickets.