GuideLines for Participants  

 TEAM Cultural 2018


Guidelines for the participants:


Please note that all participants MUST be members of TEAM

1. Since we receive numerous entries, we encourage group performances versus solo performances to accommodate the most.


2. TEAM cultural committee strongly encourages the choreographers/group coordinators to have a minimum of four or more participants in group performances. We cannot guarantee the acceptance of a group performance with less than four participants.


3. As an exception, solo items will be accepted if the artist's performance is considered extraordinary by the TEAM cultural committee.


4. In the interest of all the members of the association, individuals will not be allowed to participate in more than one program. Please remember to send the names (Including last names) of all the participants at the time of program registration. Exceptions for adults with certain criteria, talk to cultural Committee.


5. Please provide a brief description of your program, number and names of the participants, age group of the artists, and duration.


6. We encourage and strongly recommend (though not mandatory) the songs that are being performed are related to our telugu culture. For example, dance forms of Andhra/Telangana, any characters of telugu, yenki/nayudu bava style and so on. If you have any idea and wanted to discuss with us, please email us.


7. All the participants for Ugadi event should be 8 years and above.


8. Each program can be up to 5 minutes, but skits, dramas and any special programs can be up to 10 minutes max. If you have special program which exceeds 5 minutes please send the details for cultural committee review. We encourage not approaching TEAM Committee members for exceptions “references”, please talk to the cultural Committee and we will try to accommodate if we see it fit.


9. At the time of the program registration or rehearsals, Please provide a copy of the CD or the song mp3 in a flash drive, for the performance, while keeping a backup copy for you. We will not guarantee the return of the CD. No Exceptions.


10.  A mandatory rehearsal will be conducted 1 or 2 weeks before the actual program. Details for the rehearsal will be provided to the participants in a follow up email. The rehearsal will help TEAM committee to better coordinate the unadjusted event. Please note that TEAM will not guarantee your participation if you are not present in the Mandatory rehearsal.

11. All programs should be in TELUGU and no other languages are allowed. Hindi Songs are allowed on exception basis for 16+ age groups. For any exceptions, please reach out to us at the email below.

12. TEAM highly encourages to not repeat performances performed on other venues. This is to maintain quality of the program.


For more details, please send an email to  (This is the best way to contact our team)

Cultural Team 2018