35+ SMMBL Playing Rules 2012


A. Sportsmanship

 1. Use of profane language, throwing equipment, slamming bats or helmets, persistent heckling from the dugout, or other similar actions are cause for immediate ejection from the game. No appeal.

2. Any player ejected from any game for any reason will serve a one game suspension for the first offense. A player ejected from a second game will be suspended for the rest of the season.

3. Any player hitting or striking an umpire for any reason will be suspended from the league indefinitely.

4. Consumption of alcoholic beverages or illegal substances on or near the field before, during, or after the game is prohibited.

5. Smoking on the field or in the dugout before or during a game is strictly prohibited. No

smoking on school grounds located near fields.


B. Team Rosters

1. A player is eligible to play in the 35+ SMMBL if he reach his 35th birthday during the calendar year.

2. Any team found to have an underage player on the roster will forfeit all games played, and the team representatives will each serve a one game suspension. This suspension will count as either a first or second offense as outlined in Section A, Rule 2.

3. A team’s official Roster will consist of a minimum of fourteen (14) players. Rosters above 15 players will be assessed a $50/player fee.

4. Signed and returned registration forms will comprise a team’s official roster; no other player can participate in an SMMBL league sanctioned game.

5. Dues are as stated in the by-laws.

6. Players must play in 50 % (rounded up) of the teams played regular season games to be eligible for tournament play.

7. Team reps are to enter their roster and home games to establish a team page and then

enter the box scores on a weekly basis.

8. At end of the season the Commissioner will determine which players are eligible for the

playoffs using Scorebook.com.

9. If a team forfeits 2 games, that team will not be allowed to play in the playoffs.


 C. Uniforms & Safety Equipment

 1. In order to play in an SMMBL game all team players must wear the team’s full baseball uniform. This includes the official hats, shirts, pants and numbers. (Belts, 2 in 1 socks or stirrup socks are expected, but not required). Team reps must administer.

2. Helmets are required to be worn by all batters, runners at all times in live ball territory.

3. Catchers are required to wear a catcher’s protective helmet.

4. Metal or rubber cleats are permitted.

D. Line Ups

 1. A teams must have eight (8) players available to start an official game and continue playing with eight (8) players the entire game. A team may borrow up to two league-eligible players from any other teams with that game’s opposing team’s rep’s permission.

2. All players in attendance at a game must be included in the batting line up in a consistent order for the entire game.

3. A player must have two (2) plate appearances to be considered played in said game.

4. A player arriving at the ballpark after the game has started must be added to the bottom of the batting line up.

5. If a player leaves during a game, is injured, or is ejected; his spot in the lineup is skipped without a penalty.

6. Players and managers are the only people covered under the league insurance (as part of the team’s fees). Family members on the bench during the game will not be the responsibility of the SMMBL.


E. Player Substitutions

 1. Free defensive substitution is allowed for all players other than the pitcher. Once a pitcher is removed from a game as a pitcher, he may not return to pitch during the same game, but may play any other position in the field.

2. Teams will be allowed to designate two (2) players per game who require courtesy runners. The opposing team must be notified prior to the start of the game, which players will need a courtesy runner. A player designated as requiring a courtesy runner must maintain that designation for the duration of the game, even if the game is suspended and resumed.  The player making the last batted out will be the courtesy runner. If the leadoff hitter requires a runner, the last batter in the lineup is used.

3. If a player is injured during a game, he may be replaced by a courtesy runner and not removed from the line-up as long as the team has not used up the two (2) courtesy runners allowed and the opposing team rep has been notified. If the opposing team is not notified, they have the right to remove the runner for the remainder of the game. If the team has used its two courtesy runners, a pinch runner is used and the injured player must be removed from the line-up for the remainder of the game.

4. A courtesy runner may be used for catchers when there are two outs in the inning. This rule is not mandatory.


F. Pitching Rules

 1. A pitcher may pitch a total of six (6) innings per game and a total of nine (9) innings in any two games in one day.

2. Pitchers are not permitted to wear white or gray sleeves and are not permitted to wear batting gloves or wristbands on the mound. They are also not permitted to use white, gray or multicolored fielding gloves.

3. Pitchers are allowed eight (8) warm up pitches between innings

4. Relief pitchers are allowed eight (8) warm up pitches upon entering the game. The 35+ SMMBL Playing Rules 2012 discretion of the umpire is used when a change is made due to an injury.


G. Base Running, Hitting, Fielding

1. Infielders may not decoy a tag.

2. Once pitcher is on the pitching rubber and batter is in the batter‘s box, a player may not fake a bunt then swing away (slash). Offending player is ejected.

3. All base runners must avoid any intentional collisions with a fielder. If a collision is intentional or malicious the offending player is out and also ejected. The runner may make contact or slide into a fielder as long as he is attempting to reach the base.

4. During force plays, all base runners must slide on the ground in a direct line to the base or give themselves up (get out of the intended line of play). The runner may only contact the fielder if he slides directly towards the base (with his entire body). If the runner does not slide directly toward the base, he must not collide or interfere with the fielder. Failure to do so will result in both the runner and batter being called out. All other runners will return to the base occupied at the time of the interference. If a runner goes into the base standing up and does not make contact or interfere with the play, no interference shall be called.

5. A catcher or other player may not block the plate or base without the ball, illegal blocking of the plate is interference. A player is considered to have the ball if he possesses it or is making an attempt to receive the ball in the intended line of the runners slide.

6. A hitter who is injured during an at bat and cannot continue will be replaced by the player making the last batted out. His position in the line-up will be skipped for the remainder of the game without penalty.

7. The enforcement of rules G.1 through G.5 above is entirely umpire judgment decisions and may not be protested.


H. Complete Games

 1. All games (regular season, playoff and double-headers) are nine (9) innings.

2. A playoff game called because of weather or darkness is considered a suspended game and must be completed from the point it was suspended. No playoff game may be “official” before nine innings.

3. Regular season and double-header games are considered complete according to the Sporting News Official Rules of Baseball.

4. Regular season games not completed because of lights going out will be handled the same as games stopped due to weather/rain.

5. Games not completed due to a light malfunction shall be considered a suspended game

and completed from the point of the stoppage.


I. Wood Bats

1. Only wood bats are allowed in the SMMBL. The bat shall be one piece of solid wood. No altered, laminated (bamboo, etc.), glued, coated or composite wood bats will be allowed. A batter is out if he uses or attempts to use any bat other then wood. No advancement on the bases will be allowed and any out or outs made during a play shall stand. You will also be ejected from the game, plus you will be suspended one (1) game. If a team is in violation of this rule more than one time, other suspensions and fines may be levied by the Commissioner or the Board of Directors.




J. Rain Outs

 1. Field reps will have the first determination for canceling games dues to weather. In the event of a cancellation, the Commissioner will notify the team reps.

2. The home team will have the responsibility to call off games dues to weather if the field do not close the field. The home team shall notify the Commissioner and make arrangements with him to call Mac Herrick (839-3554 or 807-7188) to cancel the umpires. If they fail to call, they will be assessed the umpire fees.

3. All games canceled throughout the regular season will be rescheduled by the Commissioner. Both teams will have five (5) days to contact the Commissioner with a make-up date agreeable by both teams. After five (5) days, it will be the Commissioner’s decision to schedule a makeup date.


K. Rules

 Official Baseball Rules Published by The Sporting News govern any rule not specifically mentioned in our playing rules. (Delete the Designated Hitter Rule) This is for the umpires use.