Honors Chemistry Course Outline 2018 - 2019 

Mr. Millings, Quartz Hill High School

Course Goals:

  1. For each student to achieve competency in the defined Next Generation Science Standards for High School Chemistry.
  2. To prepare students of college ability for further study in chemistry and at the same time to present material of use in daily life.
  3. To encourage the spirit of scientific investigation and with it the attitudes of accuracy in thought and work.


The course is organized into 16 units according to AVHSD’s Curriculum Standards for chemistry.

Semester 1 Units

Semester 2 Units

Scientific Measurement and Calculations




Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table of Elements

The Gas Laws

Modern Atomic Theory


Chemical Bonding




The Mole

Acids and Bases

Chemical Reactions


Grading: Student achievement of the standards will be assessed primarily through the completion of daily assignments and the taking of unit exams. Course grades will be assigned as follows:

100% - 90% = A || 89.5% - 80% = B || 79.5% - 70% = C || 69.5% - 60% = D || Below 60% = F

Category Weights: 

                     60% - Unit Exams II 20% - Daily Assignments II 20% - Labs/Quizzes/Notes

Assignments: All daily assignments are announced on the class website, and are expected to be completed online by 3pm the day after they are assigned. Students will have 30 minutes in class to work on daily assignments the day the assignment is opened.  What students do not finish in class will be assigned as homework.  Students will then have 30 minutes in class the following day to ask questions relating to the daily assignment and to complete it.

Instructional Videos:  The primary resource for information relating to this course will be the 225 instructional videos on my YouTube channel titled Chem Academy.  These videos have been embedded into the learning management system the students will be interacting with all year long and will also be embedded on the class website, www.millingschem.com.   The expectation is that the evening before a topic will be covered in class, students will watch the relating video.  While viewing the instructional video students are encouraged to write down questions so that I may answer their questions the next day during lecture.

Attendance: It is your responsibility to find out what assignments have been missed during an absence and make plans with me for getting caught up on missed tests, quizzes and labs. In accordance with the AVHSD’s grading and marking manual, students will be allowed the same length of time as the length of the excused absence to make up missed homework.  Students who miss school work because of unexcused absences or due to suspension shall be given the opportunity to make up missed work at the discretion of the teacher. Students who missed schoolwork because of truancy or other deliberate actions should not expect to receive credit for the time missed, nor should they expect to take any missed homework or examinations for credit.  However, the final decision should rest with the teacher who may make allowances for mitigating circumstances.


Plagiarism and copying assignments (including labs and homework), or cheating on tests and quizzes will not be tolerated. All work is to be done individually. Failure to do so will result in a parent call or conference and a “zero” on the assignment. Repeated offenses will result in an unsatisfactory citizenship grade.

Citizenship Guidelines:

District policy states that teachers will assign a citizenship grade to students on report cards. Choices for the citizenship marks include "Outstanding," "Satisfactory," “Needs Improvement,” and "Unsatisfactory". Students receiving three or more unsatisfactory citizenship marks from their instructors on a quarter or semester grading period are ineligible for extracurricular or co-curricular activities for a period of one quarter.

District policy states that the following criteria shall be used in determining a student's citizenship mark in his/her class:

  1.  A grade of Outstanding (O) indicates that the student always shows regard towards the classroom rules and is always concerned about the welfare of the class.
  2. A grade of Satisfactory (S) indicates that the student consistently shows regard toward classroom rules and is concerned about the general welfare of the class.
  3. A grade of Needs Improvement (N) indicates that the student occasionally disregards classroom rules and shows some disregard for the general welfare of the class.
  4. A grade of Unsatisfactory (U) indicates that the student consistently shows disregard for classroom rules and opposes the general welfare of the class.

Materials for Class:

  1. Students will check out a chemistry book through the school library, and are accountable to the library for damage or loss of the textbook. I prefer that students leave this book at home and that they NOT transport it back and forth to school.
  2. A binder with paper, pens, scientific calculator, and #2 pencils.
  3. Lab goggles are provided by the instructor. In special circumstances, students may borrow calculators. Students may use their own calculators for class work, labs, quizzes and exams.


Grades for each unit will be uploaded to the powerschool website at the conclusion of each unit, approximately every 2-3 weeks.

Contact Information and Other Information:

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