Streator Township High School

Eligibility and Acceptance Procedures

The Jack Wilson Academy is an Alternative Education Program for regular education students grades nine through twelve who, for a variety of reasons, struggle with the conventional school day schedule. Referrals to the Jack Wilson Academy can be made by an Administrator, counselor, social worker, teacher or parent by contacting the Assistant Principal in charge of JWA. Eligibility will be determined on a case by case basis by a committee consisting of the student’s classroom teachers, guidance counselor and social workers. The Assistant Principal, who oversees the program, the Alternative Education Instructor and the parent/guardian of the student will also be involved in the admission process. After the initial eligibility meeting is held, the Assistant Principal will make the final decision as to acceptance of the student into the program.  

Program Goals

Acceptance Process

Intake Meeting

Once the student has been accepted into the program, an Intake meeting will be scheduled. This meeting will involve the Assistant Principal, program instructor, student, parent, guidance counselor, and social worker (if appropriate). At this meeting a student success plan will be developed. This will include an overview of the student’s schedule, expected outcomes (academic, attendance, behavioral, and promotional) to be achieved, a list of the student’s strengths and weaknesses, and identification of any support services that are needed. The student will not be allowed to begin in the program until the Assistant Principal, Guidance Counselor, instructor, parent, and student have signed off on the IOEP (Individual Optional Education Plan).

Program Rules and Guidelines



Final Exam Attendance

Students who have not graduated will be required to attend classes on scheduled final exam days. Failure to attend will result in failure of those courses missed for the semester.

Arrival and Departure from School

Students are to enter the school via door 4N no earlier than 8:30 am. Students who ride the bus will be picked up on a special route for the JWA program. Students who drive or get rides to school should not be in the building before 8:30 am and should report directly to the JWA classroom, room 131.

Students will depart out door 4N at approximately 2:30 pm each day. Unless given permission by administration, JWA students should not be back on school property for the rest of the school day.

Daily Schedule

        8:30 am - 10:45 am                Class

10:45 am -11:40 am                Physical Education

11:45 am - 12:15 pm        Life Skills/Lunch  (Working Lunch)

12:15 pm - 2:00 pm                Class

2:00 pm                        Student Dismissal

Students, who qualify, will be allowed to ride the bus to and from school but will need to report to their classroom directly on arrival and remain in the classroom until 2:50 when buses begin to pull up on the north side of the building. Students who earn the right and are recommended by the JWA Instructor and their counselor may be considered for placement in courses in the building at certain times during the day. A meeting will be called and attended by the intake committee to address these situations as they occur.


Once a student has fulfilled the graduation requirements from Streator Township High School through the JWA  program, he or she is considered graduated and is no longer required to attend daily sessions. A graduation eligibility meeting will be held to formally go over the student’s transcript and to see if goals of the program have been met. Students who have graduated will no longer be considered SHS students, thus making them ineligible to participate in any school functions.

Return to a Regular Schedule

The goal of the JWA  program is to prepare the student for possible return to the regular daily schedule. A meeting will be held at the end of each semester to determine if any current students are ready for the transition.

Contact Information

Main Number:        (815) 672-0545

JWA Classroom         - Ext. 131

Mr. Doty                - Ext. 523

Mr. Brittin                - Ext. 516

Streator Township High School Calendar for the 2019-2020 School Year

August                13        Opening Teacher Institute Day

                14        First Day of School/Student Orientation Day

                15        Regular Day of School                                  


September        2        Labor Day                                                NO SCHOOL

25        In-Service Schedule                                11:45am Student Dismissal

27        Homecoming Game

October                11        Teacher Institute                                                 

                14        Columbus Day                                                NO SCHOOL

                30        In-Service Schedule                                11:45am Student Dismissal


November        6        Parent-Teacher Conferences (Times TBD)                11:45am Student Dismissal

                7        Parent-Teacher Conferences (Times TBD)                11:45am Student Dismissal

8        No School for Students/Staff                                NO SCHOOL

11        Veteran’s Day                                                NO SCHOOL

20        In-Service Schedule                                11:45am Student Dismissal

27-29        Thanksgiving Vacation                                        NO SCHOOL

December        18        Semester Exams Periods 1, 2, 3, 4                          2:25pm Student Dismissal

19        Semester Exams Periods 5, 6, 7                        12:10pm Student Dismissal

19        Teacher In-Service (1:00-3:10pm)

                20        Teacher Institute                

                  23-Jan.3        Winter Break                                                NO SCHOOL

January                6        School Resumes                

                15        SHS Preview (6pm)                                

20        Martin Luther King’s Birthday                                NO SCHOOL

                29        In-Service Schedule (Teachers Released Early)        11:45am Student Dismissal


February        17        Presidents’ Day                                                NO SCHOOL

                26        In-Service Schedule                                11:45am Student Dismissal

March                 25        In-Service Schedule                                11:45am Student Dismissal

April                  6-10         Spring Break                                                NO SCHOOL


May                2        Prom

6        SHS Honors Banquet (6pm)

8        All-School Awards Ceremony (2:15pm)

20        Semester Exam Periods 1, 2, 3, 4                          2:25pm Student Dismissal

21        Semester Exam Periods 5, 6, 7                        12:10pm Student Dismissal

21        Teacher In-Service (1:00-3:10pm)

                22        Teacher Institute

                24        Graduation Ceremony