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Hiring a Staff Writer - Parlor 2017
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We’re Hiring an RPG Writer! (for a whole $25 a week)

Parlor, LLC is seeking a part-time, creative individual to become a part of our team. The job includes writing, setting development, plot creation, blogging, and social media posting.

Job Title: RPG Writer

Job Location: Online, headquartered in Austin, TX

Hours: At your discretion, ideally a few hours a week plus regular chats


First, this is not a hugely profitable job. We are looking for a person who can put in a few hours every week to help us work on our roleplaying games, Tephra: the Steampunk RPG and Retroscape. We are focusing most of our efforts on Retroscape right now. Read over the setting and mechanics. If you don’t immediately want to delve into the Retroscape setting and write for it, then please: do not apply for this job.

        The ideal candidate is somebody who enjoys writing and developing RPGs. The candidate must be good at taking feedback and be willing to re-write everything when a good idea pops into their head. We revise and re-write very regularly, and we’re not afraid to scrap everything when something better comes along.

Most importantly: This is a hobby with a little bit of pay. Please make sure you see it that way.

Compensation & Benefits



About Us

Parlor's mission is to be a process-centered game publishing organization that focuses on inspiring our customers, growing the market, and providing the best experience in the industry. Parlor began as Cracked Monocle back in 2007 with Tephra: the Steampunk RPG and became a limited liability company in 2015. Around that time, Daniel Burrow (proprietor) and Jake Paul began working on Retroscape, a science-fiction game with a 1920’s flair. Parlor’s goal is to put out a handful of really great products and inspire people to tell fantastic stories.

How to Apply

You made it this far and want to join us? Woohoo!

Email your resume and some writing samples to

Don’t have a resume? No problem! Just send us this information: