Vinland Valley Soccer Association

Soccer Drills

Hitters and Dodgers


With disk cones, outline a grid that is about 15X15 yards. You might want to make it a bit bigger or smaller depending on the age and number of kids you have. You will need to have a ball for each player; however, only 3 players start off with balls. The remaining balls should be placed outside the grid. The three players with balls are called the "hitters". The remaining players should start off scattered throughout the grid they are the "dodgers".


Instruct the"hitters" to dribble inside the grid and attempt to pass the ball to any of the "dodgers" and hit them with the ball. The "dodgers" are attempting to avoid being hit by the "hitters". If a "dodger" is hit, he must collect a ball from the extra balls outside the grid and join the hitters. The last players standing win.

Coaching Points