Tech Tree Minami is a gameplay overhaul mod for RimWorld.

*This mod is not for beginners of RimWorld. This mod increases the difficulty of RimWorld significantly it may totally annihilate you.

o If you want more challenge and totally ramp up the difficulty this RimWorld mod may be just for you!

o TechTree Minami houses a large and extensive Research Tech Tree that spans from the early beginnings of your colony up to the building of your ship out to space! this extensive Research line contains quality amounts of Building Upgrades to help you further enhance your colony more!

o TechTree Minami puts all the vanilla items into their own respective Research Tree to give overseers the feeling of learning materials first before actually making them.

o Adds more than just a tech tree, features crafting of individual parts for building construction and a fine amount of custom buildings created out of fun ideas and simple thoughts!

o A transition period between survivor colony to a permanent colony which takes dependence on trading ships and TTM's local traders.

o Contains 'Animal Husbandry' which allows taming of Muffalos. These Domesticated Muffalos follow their tamer and breed, complete with pregnancy period and a Muffalo-Kid aging process.

o Raiders actually has reasons to attack you! TTM possesses the ability to contact attacking raiders and lets you negotiate with them for a hefty sum using the Signal Beacon Building.

o This Signal Beacon Building has access to signal Call/Order TradeShips that eagerly travels to your RimWorld and provides all the Trading items you need for a fee of 400Silver. It also has the capability to send a minor signal to call for other TradeShip types or Risk calling Raiders instead! *you have been warned!

o TTM has a Medicine Cabinet that ena

bles you to use Drugs to enhance your colonists and are concocted from the Concoction table complete with nasty side effects and the ability to make Medicine. Current Drugs available are: Crankulant - Rest drug. Bloatulant - Food drug. Hastulant - Movement speed drug. Illusiolant - Mood drug. Regenulant - Healing drug.

o A new food mechanism from the "Fireplace" which lets you put RawFood on it and grills them for better food than chewing on raw materials.

o Has the Universal Vending Machine that lets you buy a number of available Comfort Food e.g Pizza, Burgers, IceCream, Fries and BEER!. These comfort food provide a nice mood boost to straighten up the long faces of your colonists.

o Equipped with a Missile Launcher Security Building to annihilate Mass amounts of Raiders or try to subdue siege-ing Raiders. Provided a simple Animal Zapper Security Building perfect for those pesky Animal Insanity waves that overwhelm the colony.

o TTM contains additional mods that greatly enhances the quality of the game!

The Tech tree is separated into 3 branches. Armaments focuses on Metal Utilization and Weaponry, Life support rushes into buildings, electronic buildables and their respective upgrades, and the 3rd branch is mostly decoration and happiness/fear inducers.

At the start you get nothing to build, except the grave, and sleepingspots.

You get a Compact research terminal[CRT] at the start to do all preliminary research.

Version 2 Features:

Rimcraft! RIMWORLD CRAFTING! major major crafting. *I told you tech tree minami is crafting dependent :P

Crafting of individual parts for building construction

A transition period between survivor colony to a full-pledge sustainable colony which fully makes use of trading ships

If you need to relocate the Compact Research Terminal just deconstruct the CRT it will return a CRT resource that is the one and only ingredient to be found in the game.

The new Comms Console Requirements needs the CRT in order to be made, which you will have to wait for a trader to sell a Computer Terminal in order for you to build a Research Bench.

You are given your DropPods that you survived on, to provide additional starting materials, and pistols for early defensive buildings.

Turrets needs guns to make and transform them on the WorkStation or MetalWorks to be installed on the actual turret building.

Also you cannot make the Powerplants right away, instead the map has scattered Compact batteries and the DamagedSolarPanels that are given from the Droppods makes for a Makeshift SolarPanel and Scrap PowerBanks.

Adds 28+ Custom Events





EclipseSubEventA (Eclipse animalFeral)

EclipseSubEventB (Eclipse Meteor)

EndRescue (Game Ender)









SolarFlareSubEventA (Cosmic Radiation)


Mechanoid Swarm

Raid Command

Resource Prescience

Colonist Kidnappers


Atmospheric Interruption

Buzzant Hill

Mysterious Ship Transmission

Colonist Stash

Risk/Reward Event



+22 Text only Events

I'll leave everything to you guys to see what they do!

Also the featured Medicine Cabinet Tadah!

The medicine cabinet is still a protoype that makes use of how the comms console works, which heals the colonist you control whenever your order him/her to heal in the medicine cabinet.

to use the medicine cabinet, you have to place an adjacent hopper and put medicine, each click on the heal option reduces 1 medicine from the hopper, so its really not cheating.

The Medicine Cabinet now heals for 10-30hp per click, because it really shouldn't heal you that much.

Version 2.1 Features:

2.1 is needed A.S.A.P

it addresses the main issues given the hasty push of version 2.

Increased Traders Chance

(They now come as often)

Increased Raiders Chance

(They attack from time to time in RandyRandom)


Here is the setup on using the new buildings that use oil.

That geyser is an OilDeposit that will spew oil, from time to time.

New Food:


New Resources:

PreparedMeat, Oil.

New Buildings:

Grill, Fireplace, OilTank, OilLamp, GasGenerator, Research Console.

Added First Set of Research upgrades:






You need to build a [ResearchConsole] first for the Upgrades to work. You can unlock it with the ElectronicDevices research.

Added Chronicled Artistry and TTM FearTech Custom Thoughts.

Added Custom Thoughts based on events.

V2.2 Features:

A lot of alpha4 compatibility changes.

New Tech Tree Image ^ Check it out above!

Tech Tree Trimming and Added Alpha4 Research

Removed Medicine Cabinet and Research Console

Check the Changelog for more details on the new version!


It needs an adjacent Hopper to use.

Use the Utility Device to heal a colonist with medicine for 10-35hp.

*you can buy medicine at Traderships.


Signal a CallOrder Vessel for 400silver that will sell you all trading materials for high prices.

*Passing Ship materials are now normal priced

V2.3 Features:

Added StunGun,

- Incapacitates colonists! Range of 10, Accuracy 10, fires right away but waits for a while.

be careful on who you fire it with. *Warning may energize the health of animals.

[You can make the Stun Gun on the Modern Weaponator II,

needs crafting lvl of 13 and takes a long time to make,

or you can buy it on a Combat/Armaments Vessel at a high price.

v2.4 Features:

Animal Zapper

- This beast kills any animal near it INSTANTLY!

- It has an Upgrade to extends its range to the whole HOMEZONE.

(Requires 1350 Energy)

Missile Launcher

- Really usefull against hordes of enemies! Go check it out!

- has a countdown of 10seconds before missile impact!

(Requires 3000Energy, Needs a Hopper with Missiles to fire.)

v2.5 Features:


New Buildings:


(Stores 1 type of meal to extend spoil time to 2 weeks.)


(Stores 1 type of meal to prevent spoilage.)


(Extracts Metal and Gems, Check Info Button provides more information about the building.)

Blast Doors

(Big Bad Doors, Don't close it whilst pawns are still walking through it.)

Universal Vending Machine

(Sells comfort food.)

Concoction Table

(Makes drugs from making herb solutions with medicine.)


TrapHole, Caltrops, Net Trap

(Unlocks after researching TrappingSkillset. Buildings at Security Tab)

Drugs in Medicine Cabinet:

Crankulant - will not be Tired for 2 days.

Make Herbs.

Stimulant - will HealLife over time.

Bloatulant - will not be hungry for 3days.

Hastulant - move faster

Illusiolant - Gain Happiness for 5 days.

*Made at Concoction table, applied at Medicine Cabinet.

*All Drugs have MoodKiller AfterEffects.

Re-Used Buildings:

Medicine Cabinet:

(Interact with this building to heal and apply drugs to colonists)

CallOrder Signal Beacon:

(Interact with this building to call a CallOrder Vessel. Doesn't need a Hopper to use Silver anymore, it will search for silver in any storage.)

New Upgrades:

Wall Refining I,II and III

(Increase Metal and Stone Wall HP, upgrade unlock after Pneumatics)

Nutrient Garnishing

(Upgrades Nutrient paste Nutrition,Taste and Thought)

Missile Payload

(Increase Missile Launcher Damage by 2x)

New Item:

MedKit: Works like a Gun, Force attack to a colonist to Heal. Made at the Concoction table.

*Now you can assign someone as MEDIC! super duper amazing.


Added a Muffalo Shed in the Misc Tab.

A Prototype Muffalo Spawner for Muffalo Husbandry for next Version.

Spawns Muffalos, same chance as oil deposit yield.

v2.6 Features!


Local Traders:

Once Every month there will be a localTrader coming on the second half of the month.

The local trader will trade some items in its respective trader type.

New ShipTrading Mechanics:

Every month there will be a 45% chance of a Tradeship coming.

Static Discharger:

Produces low power erratically varying from time to time.

Check its Info Button for more information.

Added 2 new menu options in SignalBeacon:

Signal TradeShip: Signals a TradeShip but Raiders may come!

Negotiate with Raiders:

Yes you read it right!

You can now Negotiate with raiders to stop their attack, they're greedy bastards and wants a lot of silver! (They may backstab you!)

v2.7 Features:

New Features:

Animal Husbandry v1:

You can now capture muffalo's!

captured muffalo's breed, you need 1 male and female for them to start. There is a chance of conception so it will not overpopulate captured muffalo's.

KidMuffalos are the children of captured muffalo's and matures after 2.5days.

Pregnancy takes 4days.

Propaganda Buildings e.g(Speaker, CCTVCamera, Hologram) and Fear Tech Buildings now has a new function!

- When placed in a prison the buildings have a small chance to convince a prisoner to switch sides and join the colony!

New Mechanics:

General Colony Mood:

- if the Colony's General mood is high, there is a 20% chance of attracting possible refugees to the colony.

Added Global Thought:

"Survived a Raid"

- have you felt that surviving a raid is a very important event that needs some cherishing? well here it is! after every raid this thought goes into mind of each colonist.

New Buildings:

C.H.E.S.T (Compression Holder Entity Storage Tank) - Stores 1 type of material at a time, stores a total of 1200stacks. Doesn't store food.

T.U.T.O.R.I.A.L (Temporal Unified Tutor On Reformation & Intricate Artificial Learning) - An interactable building that teaches skills to a colonist.

v2.8 Features:


Armed with Project Armory v2.13 Weapons and its weapons craftable through assigned worktables that lets you craft ALL the weapons of Project Armory.

Equipped with Apparello v1.3.1 for all those armor and *HATS! craving.

Clutter Corp Furnishingsupdate 23 by Mrofa

Clutter is introduced as a super-detailed furnishing corporation, for all your clutter needs!

Shield Generators v0.07 by Jaxxa

It's hard not to miss these lovely beasts of technology never defend your base without one!

Embrasures v2.0.5 by PunisheR007

Ever wanted to make bunkers? now you can!

MachineGun Nests by Psyckosama

Bunkers without machinegun nests? no WAY!?

MAI v1.6.5 by Haplo

Mobile Artificial Intelligence

  She is an AI persona with a metal body, who wants to be called 'Mai'. She is extremely useful for those who want a super-efficient robot handled colony.

v2.9 Features:

Please read the Changelog for the new update.