Bobcats Striving for Success

This year, as part of our continued commitment to helping students achieve, all 5th through 8th grade students will have an opportunity to participate in the new Bobcats Striving for Success program. This program has been designed by our teachers and staff to help students succeed academically, and includes several different components, such as the guided study hall program that is being implemented in the upper grades.  


Starting this year, we are placing an increased emphasis on academic success, especially in the areas of reading. As part of this, you may hear about the items listed below:


Academic Accolades   Students who work hard in class can now be nominated by teachers to be an Academic Accolade for that week. These students will be recognized for their achievement, and as a reward will be allowed to take a friend of their choice to lunch five minutes early.


Read and Feed In order to assist students in meeting their reading goals, every three weeks, all 5th through 8th grade students will participate in an afternoon Read and Feed. Students will be able to bring in blankets and snacks, and will spend the afternoon (6th – 8th hours) reading.


Additionally, students who make progress towards and meet reading goals will be entered in quarterly drawings to win some great prizes, including gift cards AND a very special grand prize at the end of the year. In order to be eligible to win these prizes, students must meet both of the following criteria:


1)  Make Progress towards a quarterly reading goal – Students will be taking the STAR Reading test each quarter and will be given an individual improvement goal to meet on each testing cycle.

2)  Read all 3 books for Library –Students must write a book report or AR test on each book they read.


Student names will be added to the drawing each quarter. The more times each student meets their progress goal and library requirements, the more times they will be entered to win. Additionally, any student who meets the criteria above, is one grade level above on their STAR Reading score, and has had no major discipline issues for the entire year will be taken on a rewards field trip to Kokomo Joes Family Fun Center in St. Charles.


Finally, as part of this process, all students in 5th through 8th grades have been issued a challenge directly from Mr. Creighton. Students who take AR tests on the books they read will add to a “Words Read” total for the upper grades. As part of this challenge, Mr. Creighton has offered some incentives at different levels:


25,000,000 words read        Mr. Creighton gets “pied” in the face in front of the

whole school.

45,000,000 words read        Mrs. Brooker will dye her hair in a color that the

students choose.

75,000,000 words read        Mr. Creighton will shave his head in front of the

whole school.


In order for books to count towards this challenge, they must be AR testable, and students must pass the AR test. However, students may still submit book reports to meet their quarterly library requirements.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time.


Mr. Creighton


Dent-Phelps R3