Information and Rules (Updated 26/3/18)


Male and female skiers and snowboarders aged 18yrs or older.

(Six places will also be reserved for British Freeride Team riders)


Sat 09/02/19 - THE LAWERS OF GRAVITY - Lawers Range - Backup dates: 10/2, 16/2, 17/2

Sat 02/03/19 - THE CORRIE CHALLENGE - Nevis Range - Backup dates 3/3, 9/3, 10/3

Sat 23/03/19 - THE COE CUP - Glencoe Mountain - Backup dates 24/3, 30/3, 31/3

Sun 24/03/19 - THE SFS FINAL - Glencoe - Backup 31/3

The SFS Final is a one-run event for the top 5 ranked competitors each category (see below) in the overall series.


Freeride events are judged off-piste competitions. Competitor's are scored by a panel of 3 or more judges whilst riding a designated off-piste competition face on the mountain. An overall impression score is awarded to each competitor for their run. Riders start on a score of 50 out of a possible 100, and then each judge adds or deducts points accordingly for positive and/or negative actions/moves in the following criteria areas:-

1. LINE - The level of interest creativity and hazard of the line chosen

2. FLUIDITY - Speed and fluidity

3. AIR/STYLE - Amplitude, complexity and execution of jumps & tricks

4. TECH & CTRL - Technique & control demonstrated


Competitors must pre-register online in advance to secure a place at an event.

Pre-registration costs £10

When competitors arrive at the event they then pay the balance of £10 (CASH ONLY) at check-in. Should a pre-registered competitor not subsequesntly attend the event, their £10 registration fee is forfeited. Uplift pass is not included in the entry fee.


At each event riders are ranked according to the total of their run score(s) in the following categories:-

  • Female Snowboard
  • Male Snowboard
  • Female Ski
  • Male Ski


Competitors are awarded series points for their rank achieved at each event as follows:-

1st =100 series points

2nd = 80 series points

3rd = 60 series points

4th = 55 series points

…etc see full table


After the Coe Cup, the top 5 ranked male and top 3 ranked female riders in the overall series, qualify to compete in the final on Sunday.


Competitors are encouraged to enter as a team (min 3 riders). Teams can be from companies, universities, ski patrol teams, clubs - in fact just about any combination of people can form and register as a team of any name. You might just be a bunch of riders wish to compete together.

An award will go to the team with the best average rankings (using each competitor's own individual ranking in their category). Should two teams have the same average ranking the teams with the highest points total will win.


Timetables will vary slightly for each venue but generally follow this approx format:-

0815 Rider Check-In opens

0845 Rider Check-In closes

0900 Rider Briefing followed by competition face inspection

1115 Comp Starts

1630 Prize Giving


There are three factors that determine whether the event can go ahead on the scheduled date or not:-

1. ADEQUATE SNOW COVER to offer a range of safe and suitable line choices - This can usually be determined 1 week out unless snow is expected.

2. SNOWPACK STABILITY to eliminate / reduce risk of avalanche - Whilst a we perform face tests 6, 4 and 2 weeks ahead the final stability safety decision can only really be determined in the final 24 hours

3. FORECAST OF CLEAR VISIBILITY & <30KNOTS OF WIND for judges to see competitors and for the wellbeing of all involved - This can only be determined accurately using a 48hr (max) forecast - ie the Thursday prior to the event

Two communications will be sent to competitors + posted on social media:-

5-7 days prior to the event an email will go out to all registered competitors confirming timetable details, entry lists and current mountain conditions

On the Thursday evening prior to the event an email will go out to all registered competitors confirming the ON/OFF decision for either Saturday or Sunday based on surface conditions, pack stability and the weather forecast.


Competitors are responsible to ensure they are capable of riding the competition faces. They must confirm that they understand the risks associated with freeride competition prior to competing. At the event check-in, all riders are required to sign an agreement confirming that they have read and understand the following statement of acceptance of liability, before they will be permitted to compete.



For each event, every competitor should be equipped in accordance with standard back-country and off-piste safety protocols.

MANDATORY EQUIPMENT FOR ALL EVENTS (must be worn/carried at all times)

  • Helmet
  • Avalanche transceiver
  • Probe & Shovel
  • Suitable off-piste backpack with back protection

Any competitors not carrying the mandatory equipment will not be permitted to enter.


Because the Lawers of Gravity is a hike and ride event in an unpatrolled area with no uplift, every competitor must ensure they have adequate knowledge and skills to handle themselves and manage challenging situations, under extreme conditions, in exposed mountain environments.


LAWERS OF GRAVITY & CORRIES CHALLENGE: If the events cannot run on the scheduled Saturday it will automatically move to the Sunday of the same weekend. If it cannot run on the Sunday it will move to the following weekend on the same principle. If it cannot run on this second weekend it will be cancelled.

** COE CUP and FINALS: If the Coe Cup cannot run on the scheduled Saturday it will move the Sunday of the same weekend and there will be NO FINALS. The Scottish Freedom Series Champions will then be determined by the cumulative series points at the end of the Coe Cup. (The same applies if the conditions are very poor on Sunday and the FINALS are abandoned)

If the Coe Cup cannot run on the Saturday or Sunday, both the Coe Cup and Finals will move to the following weekend on the same principle as above.

Any questions about this series please email enquiries@freedomseries.co.uk