Mrs. Walsh

7th grade math


Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions or concerns you may have! I am here to help, and want to see everyone succeed in math!!

Khan academy is a great tool for extra practice in math.  He provides video clips, that provides a step-by-step guide in completing problems.  He also does a lot with modeling, so if your child is having difficulties with modeling with math, check out some of his videos! Students can also set up accounts, and work through the standards for seventh grade.

We will be using front row during IV time, and occasionally when math class goes to computer lab. Front row is a math program that is standard based, and because of this, it is my only source of extra credit.  Students can solve 5 problems at a 70% or higher, for one point of extra credit.  This point is not an average credit, for example: changing a grade from 92 to 93, but rather is a point that goes into their overall grades.  It can be thought of as adding 1 point of extra credit to a test.

This is the website that correlates with the book we are using.  It provides their book as an e-book, so even if they forget their book at school, they can use this program and do their homework on a separate sheet of paper.  Eventually they will be able to do their homework electronically and send it to me.  This site also provides tutorials and step-by-step guidance on the lessons we are working on in class.  Students can message me with any questions or concerns they may have!