Ted Mackey

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Vice President


Emma Harper

Hi I’m Emma and I’m the JCR Vice-President. My job is to support Ted in running the committee, take the minutes and meetings and organise lots of JCR admin. I also support the committee in their roles, and write a weekly newsletter containing all things Selwyn, called the SelwInfo. I represent Selwyn students at the Cambridge University Student Union, voting on University wide matters.



Harriet Brien

My main job is to keep track of the JCR’s finances. This year I hope to raise awareness of the various floats and reimbursement schemes that Selwyn JCR offer as well as to help students save money by sharing the best and latest deals!



Amy Bland

I’m Amy, one of the Access Officers. Our role is to facilitate Access events within college, including running the CUSU shadowing scheme and college led initiatives, like school group visits. We are also hoping to run an access tour during the Easter holidays, visiting schools in one of our link areas, West Yorkshire.

Harry Blades

I'm Harry, the other Access Officer. In addition to the CUSU and external schemes which we help to coordinate in college, we also focus on Selwyn specific initiatives. For example, we regularly upload profiles to our Students of Selwyn page and over the coming terms we intend to create Access YouTube videos to increase the range of resources available to prospective applicants.

Accommodation & Services


Bea Jones

Hi! I'm Bea, the Accommodation and Services Officer. I would love to hear any problems or suggestions you have to the accommodation and food in college, so please get in atouch!



Pemiwa Arowojolu

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Clubs & Societies


Gaia Lambert

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Charlie Stone

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Oliver Black

As the world becomes ever more reliant on technology, my job is to support the JCR, both students and committee, both by solving technical issues, and by voicing related concerns to the College. I also manage this website. But most importantly, I can help fix your laptop, connect your printer, and get email on your phone.

Development & Education


Aliya Padhani

Hi, I’m Aliya and I am the Development and Education Officer. My role is to ensure students are satisfied with their academic experience, whilst liaising with the Development Office to include alumni in college life. If you have any queries or concerns, please get in touch!

Disabilities & Mental Health


Abbie Barnes

Hi, I’m Abbie and I am Disabilities and Mental Health Officer.  My main purpose is to be a source of support and advice for students living with disabilities and mental health problems, diagnosed or undiagnosed. I consider my role extending to help anyone who feels that their daily lives are being interrupted and affected by a problem they are facing. My other main role is to work with college to raise awareness, organise welfare events and draw attention to disability and mental health events.



Dan Snowden

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Eliza Kosse

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Female Welfare


Jessie Dong

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Erica Brown

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Josh Wilcox

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Gender Equality


Annie Lyons

Hi I’m Annie, I’m the Gender Equality Officer on the JCR. I hope to work to ensure that Selwyn is a safe and welcoming space for everyone regardless of gender. I can keep you updated with anything related to gender equality happening in Selwyn and Cambridge as a whole. If you have any concerns or ideas for how Selwyn can be as inclusive as possible please get in touch with me!

Green & Ethics


Harry Gibbins

Hi, I’m Harry. My role as Selwyn’s Green and Ethics Officer is to do what I can to ensure that everyone at Selwyn can make ethical and environmentally-friendly choices, as well as encouraging involvement in events and campaigns aiming to have a positive impact in this area. I am also here to represent the views of Selwyn’s different religious groups. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns!



Maria Chukanova

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Claire Sosienski Smith

My role is split between campaigning and welfare: I make sure that the LGBT+ community is represented in college, maintain links between the college, the university, and the queer scene in Cambridge, as well as supporting all people who come to me for confidential support – no matter how they do or don’t define their gender and/or sexuality.

Male Welfare


Kenneth McHardy

Hey guys, I'm the male-welfare officer. Please feel free to approach me if you have any problems, need free contraception/sexual health supplies or just want a chat!

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