#161 - Into the Nexus: “Drain the Bear”

• Garrett • Kyle


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Intro:  Welcome to Into the Nexus! The Heroes of the Storm podcast!

Heroes of the Dorm Concluded

Winners, UT Arlington

About 5 thousand live views, but Facebook counts 1.1 million views.



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Heroes Timeline

Memory lane.


HGC Returns Tomorrow

Heroes esports running Friday - Sunday 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm Pacific for the next 6 weeks until the play offs.

Starts with Gale Force eSports vs. Team 8.


2.0 Beta Rarity Update

Item Rarity Changes

Loot Chests

Hero Levels


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Solo Laners. Who can solo!

Solo Laning Guide by Ryoma

What to look for in a Solo Laner

More important than all of this: Know your enemy

Top Lane

Towers of Doom, Braxis, Infernal Shrines, Dragon Shire, Battlefield

Bot Lane

Tomb of the Spider Queen

It Depends

No one knows

Cursed Hollow, Warhead Junction

Example Braxxis Top Lane:

Alarak 8/14

Rexxar 8/14

Chen 6/14

Thrall 5/14

Falstad 4/14

Illidan 4/14

Zagara 4/14

Arthas 3/14

Dehaka 3/14

Greymane 3/14

Artanis 2/14

Leroic 2/14

Ragnaros 0/14


Sharku - The Gathering Storm Tournament

Amove.tv, Frogpants, Convert to Raid, Geekly and Lords of the Storm are hosting a community tournament together!

A for fun tournament in the spirit of Heroes of the Pants from 2016. Choose a community and wave a flag in this for fun throwdown.

The Gathering Storm will be June 3rd and 4th.



Hello Garrett & Kyle


I really love the show and the advice you both give really helps my game.


After hearing Kyle’s success with Muradin I decided to give him a go myself, however I always seem to run into Mana issues. Can either of you advise how you manage his Mana and any tips on doing so?


I also get a little stuck on what talents to pick, so a general overview of the best build would be fantastic!


Many thanks for all of your great shows.

I’m having the same problem. Would love some tips.


Blizzard seems to get the draft more into a rock-paper-scissors principle (e.g. Johanna vs AA, Anub vs Mages, etc.).

And "pro players" are giving tips how to draft on which map against (or with) certain heroes (e.g.Nubkeks, McIntyre or Grubby).

You tell us to play the few Heroes that we are comfortable with.

How does that match together? Where is the line? I feel like could go into a HL game with a say LVL 7 hero, that I played a few times in the past weeks rather than playing a lvl 11 hero, that doesn't match that well in the team comp.

Thanks for your insight. Love the show!

Greetings from EU!


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