#189 - The Angry Chicken: “Hopes and Dreams for 2017”

12-29-16 (Thursday for the holidays)

• Garrett • Jocelyn • Dills



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Diablo is coming to Hearthstone

In a new Tavern Brawl...

“In this Tavern Brawl, a hooded stranger awaits, holding a grim deck in his hands. Will you unravel the secrets surrounding this dark wanderer?”

There will be 20th anniversary Diablo celebrations in all of Blizzard’s titles.


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Wishlist for 2017

Iksar asked, the community answered

The community wishlist highlights how difficult it is to work on the Hearthstone team. Many people were asking for opposite things like “Keep Reno” and “Can’t wait for Reno to be gone”. But here are the big asks from the community this year:


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Edwin D

Hallo Boze Kippen! (Dutch for Angry Chickens)

Let me preface this by stating that I'm not a very experienced Arena player, but I've logged quite some games in constructed, so today I figured I give Arena a try. What's the worst that could happen, right?

Having just constructed my mage deck, I enter my first match. I face another mage.

Starting off, I get to play a minions on both turn 1 and 2. My opponent doesn't. This is going great!

Turn 3 my opponent plays a Kabal Courier, which is easily contested by my Clockwork gnome.

Turn 4, another Kabal Courier. Feeling like I'm winning the tempo game.

Going into turn 5 he kills one of my minions with a surprise Bane of Doom. And from the deepest circles of RNG hell, pops Jaraxxus! NOOO!

Turn 6 I play The Beast, which isn't great but my thinking is it could get a decent chunk out of that 15 HP demon. Which it does, followed by a Firelands portal on turn 7 ending the Jaraxxus terror.

At least, that's what I thought. A secret is triggered. Duplicate, "Discovered by Kabal Courier".

With fear in my heart of what's coming, I decide to concede before having to face the impending OBLIVION, prophesied by the Kabal Courier.

So much for Arena then.

Much love from the Netherlands!


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Brenton J

I was thinking back to the start of Standard mode and when we also got some card nerfs.  I imagine it's quite possible we'll get another round of nerfs sometime in the next few months.  Why don’t we ever get direct card buffs?  If we have, I certainly missed it.

1) Do you think we'll ever see card buffs (most likely to the basic and classic sets)?

2) What cards would you like to see buffed so we can expand our Standard set's strategies and how might they be buffed?


Well met Cluckers, from York, England.

I hope you all had a delightful Christmas.

I'm a huge fan of Hearthstone and admittedly somewhat of an obsessive collector when it comes to games, especially Blizzard titles. Due to this I have been somewhat ignoring Hearthstone recently and digging deep into Overwatch because yay! Festive loot boxes!

What I would have loved is for Hearthstone to have something similar in relation to seasonal events, where you can try and earn seasonal rewards such as alternative heroes/skins, card backs, alternative card art and other joyous things.

These could be earned through WoW style RNG rolled quests and/or to be slightly fairer, special seasonal packs similar to the overwatch loot box system where the packs are themed for a certain time and you can have the chance to unlock these seasonal items through opening the packs, earned the same way or purchased as regular packs are now.

Just a shower thought I had, what do you guys think?

Matt AKA "CheeseDeath"

Dearest pissy poultry,

Next spring we will see our first Standard Rotation so before we get into what that means let's take a look back at the first standard year.

What was the meta prior to the release of standard?  What was OP at that time?

Has Standard mode accomplished what you hoped it would?  

How much will the Year of the Unicorn affect the game?


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