Minutes:  Post 21 Club General Meeting

Date: 2-19-14

New Members:

Several new families attended this meeting; they introduced themselves and offered their stories, needs for their children, etc..  One huge need that was expressed was “Transportation” to and from adult programming offerings.


One new member described her NPO for therapeutic horseback riding – Infinity Equine Therapy (www.infinityequinetherapy.org); the Riding/Stables are located in Closter, NJ.  She started this for her son.  She has 4 certified instructors providing therapeutic riding instruction for those with all kinds of special needs; currently they work with individuals from age 5 – 85 yrs. (only restriction is a weight limit; riders must be under 200 lbs.).  At present, they are not a DDD approved provider, but are working to get access for those over 21 with special needs.  See website for more information/pricing.  The Program now includes a “Ground Program” for those who want to learn how to care and groom the horses, etc.

This member has had experience with her son in the state of Massachusetts and found that in the community she lived, in Cape Cod, MA, services for those with special needs were more accessible (e.g., there was no “transportation issue” there).  The group felt it would be worthwhile to outline the needs and desires of the Autism community to one of the Bergen County Freeholders (perhaps Tracy Zur??) in a non-threatening discussion/meeting.  (e.g., the transportation issue; Access Link is really needed in Haworth, Closter, etc.).  This member is also working on a position paper to the Governor of NJ to outline the needs of our community.


April 3 Spring Fundraiser for the FHAADP:

This year, our fundraiser will be held at SEASONS in Washington Township.  It will be a fun celebration of the Day Program with a buffet dinner, DJ and dancing, and live/silent auctions.  Tickets to the event are $100.00 and can be purchased through our website: www.post21club.org    Ad Journal donations and Sponsorships can also be purchased on our website.   Formal invitations/E-vites will be sent out shortly.  Several ideas were suggested  to  help with the fundraising –


“Cork pull”: one member suggested to run this specific event during the silent auction.  (I did check about this and it is NOT considered a game of chance).  She would be willing to supply 75 (or more) numbered corks for this.  The idea would be to get our Club members, or anybody, to donate a bottle of wine for this – the wine could be of any value.  At the event, the guests are invited to pay -  say $20.00  - for a numbered cork which would correspond to a specific bottle of wine.  The guest would come away with a nice bottle of wine which may have a value equal to/less/more than what was paid.  To make this easier and more attractive to run, it was suggested to have a local wine merchant be responsible for supplying all the wine and delivering it to the Event – thus when somebody wants to make a donation they only need to call this merchant and order the wine.  The merchant would be invited to come to our April 3event, supply information on the wines and get some free advertising for his/her shop.  Post 21 can provide a free ad for this merchant if we wish.  If 200 people come to our event and buy a cork at $20.00 each, we would make $4000.00 from this.  Nancy Leeds knows of a local wine merchant who is getting started with a business in Tappan.  He is known to offer many good wines at reasonable prices.  She will ask if he would be willing to help us do a “Cork-pull” at our event.

ACTION: Nancy to look into “Cork-pull” with her wine merchant friend

“Quick-draw” Artist donation: Another member suggested to get a “quick draw” artist to come to the event and draw something at the April 3 Event (e.g., the room, the area of the auction baskets , or the areas where the wines are, etc.) and then auction this piece of work off at the live auction


Reminder: For those of you who are Amazon shoppers.  Everyone can donate to Post 21 Club through the “Amazon” link on our website.  You must go through our website first –www.post21club.org and click on the Amazon link.  A small portion of your purchase to Amazon will go to the Post21 Club.


Pilot Enrichment Program for adults with ASD:

P21 has grant money to develop and run a 12-week, pilot “Enrichment “program (made to augment Day programming, and would be run in the afternoon after Day programming is completed).  P21 has made contact with a provider who may be able to create this pilot with us (The Center for Life and Learning in Teaneck - www.thecenterforlifeandlearning.org ).  This provider is able to provide many different types of activities for our participants, including speech activities; all activities would have a social/interaction component.  We are trying to obtain the space currently used by the FHAADP at Bergen Regional in Paramus, NJ for this purpose.  The pilot would be open to all adults with ASD; those currently at the FHAADP would have the advantage of staying on site and their family would need to pick them up after the Program completes.  We hope to run this program 1 day a week (possibly two days a week if our funding will allow) for 12 weeks in the Spring.


More info for this will be distributed to the Club shortly; there will be a $25.00 registration fee to hold your spot in the program and we will accept the first 15 qualified applicants.  If this is successful, we hope to continue such a program and have participants use their additional Supports Programs Medicaid $$ to fund it.

The group felt that any activities that would get the young adults moving and interacting/socializing would be great.  The ideas expressed from this particular group on “Enrichment” activities that their children would need/desire are as follows:

Fitness/working out in a gym


Music therapy – sing-along activity


Sensory Touching

Line Dancing

Bounce-Room for adults


Other ideas for enrichment from other providers – specifically for fitness:

a)      Brian’s T.E.A.M:  www.briansteaminfo.com


Fitness and gymnastics for children and adults with special needs.  There is a new Sunday fitness program for adults w/special needs (Brian’s TEAM is a qualified DDD provider).

Contact info: Brian and Kerry Cron; 22 Riverview Drive Wayne, NJ 07470 (973) 628-0400; and through the website


b)      Volt Fitness: www.voltfitnessusa.com


Fitness for general population and those with special needs.  This gym has special circuit of activities (rock climbing, rowing machine attached to a video game, etc.) with supervision by an OT.  FHAADP is looking into collaborating with Volt Fitness for their members.

Contact Info: Joseph Rogovich; 566 Broad Street, Glen Rock, NJ 07452  (201) 857-3802; and through the website



Idea: Use of Viridian Energy as a recurring source of income for P21 Club????:

Larry suggests that you see www.viridian.com  to  review info on this alternative energy supplier..


Next General  meeting:  Wed. March 12, 2014