AP Language Review and Revision Portfolio

For the next two weeks, you will work to create a portfolio that demonstrates your ability to:

Organize your portfolio into FOUR SECTIONS:  Rhetorical Analysis Writing, Argumentative Writing, Synthesis Writing, Critical Reading and Multiple Choice


  1. For each of the three types of essays, choose your weakest and strongest essays (6 essays total). Examine the essays and for each pair of essays, write a reflective paragraph that addresses the following questions:
  1. What can you learn from these essays?
  2. What do you do well with this type of writing?
  3. What continues to puzzle you about this type of writing?

  1. Look at your final exam multiple choice. Compare your answers to the key and make a note of the answers you missed.  For at least FIVE of your incorrect answers, write out an explanation of why the correct answer is correct. You may include why you chose the answer you chose if you wish, but make sure you explain what the actual answer is.  **If you missed fewer than 5, please make a note of that in the Critical Reading and Multiple Choice section. And high five yourself :)

Step Two:  REVISE

  1. For each of the 3 essays you identified as your weakest essays this year, choose ONE paragraph to revise.  Mark the paragraph clearly that you have chosen and then revise the paragraph to make it better. Think about:
  1. High quality examples
  2. Clear, concise analysis
  3. Interesting syntax
  4. Powerful diction

Step Three:  CREATE

  1. Rhetorical Analysis Writing:  Annotate the attached essay carefully for CMPAST and rhetorical strategies. Then, make an outline that responds to the prompt at the top  of the essay.  EXTRA PRACTICE: Set your timer for 30 min and write the essay.

  1. Argumentative Writing: Create an ABC list of Things You Know.  Be as specific, detailed and extensive as you can!!  EXTRA PRACTICE: Use your list to plan and write the essay for the attached prompt.

  1. Synthesis Writing: Set a timer for 15 minutes and read/highlight the attached sources.  When you have finished reading, write a thesis and a full outline that answers the prompt.  EXTRA PRACTICE: Set your timer for 40 min and write the essay.

  1. Critical Reading and Multiple Choice:  Use the attached question stems to create 10 high quality multiple choice questions for Huxley’s “The Method of Scientific Investigation” on pg. 609.  Include five choices and one correct answer with your MC question.  EXTRA PRACTICE: Complete the multiple choice practice passages and check your answers with the key. 


4=Excellent/ Effective – complete, clearly stated, insightful and/or meets all of the


3=Good/adequate – complete, a few minor errors, meets most of the requirements

    at the minimum level of competency.

2=Uneven/limited – mostly complete, some errors, meets some to most of the

     requirements with uneven levels of performance.

1=Inadequate – incomplete, shows little effort or thought, possible inaccuracies

0=Unsuccessful – little to no of the assigned requirements included







Rhetorical Analysis



Critical Reading/MC

Total Average Score: _________________ 

4.0=         100

3.5=        90

3.0=        85

2.5=        80

2.0=        75

1.5=        70

1.0=        65