DAY ONE: Sparking Creativity and Getting to Know PBL

“Students First, Not Stuff” by Will Richardson,-Not-Stuff.aspx

Making school relevant:

For all things PBL, check out Here the site posts a good summary of what PBL is:

Driving questions:

PBL in Sophomore English Class (inspired by the Summer Sandbox 2013): 

Reflections on Sophomore English Class: 

PBL in MS Science Class: Element Superheroes

Reflection in MS Science Class: 

PBL for Science

Online project planner: 

Sample Project Design:

Great PBL resources for teachers:

In general, check out The Buck Institute for Education’s website:

Be sure to look at the wonderful resources the High Tech Schools has for PBL: 

High Tech art instructor created this amazing website: 

DAY TWO: Let the Games Begin!

“Will Gaming Save Education, or Just Waste Time?” 

“The Games We Play: Leveraging Playful Learning” by Tim Saunders,HaYidion#.U8c6WhYdqyM 

Game-based learning: 

Owen Gottlieb is a Jewish educator who runs a Jewish game-based learning organization, ConverJent: 

Check out Owen’s articles on GBL here: 


Rubrics4Teachers, a website with pre-made rubrics: 

RubiStar, a rubric-making website: 

Creativity and Innovation Rubric (that’s even Common Core aligned!): 

Rubric for collaborative sophomore English final: 

Rigor in the PBL classroom:

Deep Learning with PBL:


Ron Berger on Deep Learning:

DAY THREE: Culture Change and Maker Spaces and Creativity Labs

“Getting Started with PBL” by Andrea Cheatham Kaspar and Tikvah Wiener,HaYidion#.U8c8JRYdqyM

Check out the entire RAVSAK journal in which Andrea and Tikvah’s article appeared. The issue is dedicated to many of the ideas discussed at the Sandbox: 

We also like this HBR article about how to create a culture of helping. It features one of our favorite companies, IDEO:

“IDEO’s Culture of Helping”

Design Labs, Creativity Labs and Maker Spaces:

Adam Tilove, Head of School at JCDS Rhode Island and a Sandbox participant, wrote this blog post about supporting a culture of creativity: 

We think of RealSchool as a creativity lab!

What is RealSchool? 

The Future of the Maker Movement with Dale Dougherty 

Want to get more information about Maker spaces/creativity labs?


What do you need for a Maker space, and how much will it cost? 

Another type of innovation lab is called a Fab Lab: 

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Welcome to the IDEA Schools Network!

If you were at the Summer Sandbox, you now have a free one-year membership to the I.D.E.A. Schools Network, a network for Jewish and independent school educators interested in implementing PBL and sparking creativity in their students. Here’s a link to the I.D.E.A. Schools Network website:

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