#201 - The Angry Chicken: “Hearthonomics”


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BlizzCon Dates Announced

Info: blizzcon.com

Talking points

Pack Price Hike

The announcement came via a CM post on the EU Battle.net forums stating coldly that: “We regularly look at our pricing around the world, and from time to time we make changes such as these to align with local and regional market conditions.” I was not programmed to make human responses...

According to Forbes this amounts to “an 11% increase across the board for all levels of pack bundles. In the UK, it’s more like a 30% increase.”

Checked in with Mr. Tom Merritt:

Prices in the UK particular have been going up on tech stuff because of the change in currency rates. Euros rates have changed less but have changed some.

1 pound in mid 2014 was worth $1.75. Today it’s worth $1.22. If they don’t change prices it’s like a 30% price cut for a US-based company.


Danny Pudi in my Un’Goro Short

Short: https://twitter.com/PlayHearthstone/status/841650638253510656

It’s campy (and not just because they’re camping) as all get out. Danny Pudi plays Professor George H. Doyle as he and his trusty camera-man Eddy as they fail to explore Un’Goro.

Disguised Toast at PAX East

There will be memes...


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Crazy Game Stories

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It was a dark and stormy night, and two reno priests were gathered around the campfire playing Heroic Brawl. The two priests, Anduin and Tyrande were bored for the first 3 turns; they just used hero powers to size one another up.

Anduin looked across the table and scowled as he made first move by summoning a historian to tell him tales of the beasts of old. While the well dressed priest discovered himself a new dragon, he didn't realize that the good priest, Tyrande McCutiepants foresaw that the Scaley beasts in the opponent's deck, but what she didn't see was the large twilight drake coming next turn. Tyrande saw the drake and panicked, calling on her sneaky little friend, Mr. Dirty Rat himself.

Anduin's board was full of dragons. Tyrande struggled for board clear and stumbled across a dragon fire potion, but it did her no good. The game went on as Tyrande struggled for control. Anduin played very well, copying a Khazakus from Tyrande and playing his own Khazakus. Poor little tyrande struggled for control of the Holy Light. Darkness surrounded her- but Brann bronzebeard and his buddy Khazakus arrived at her side in the knick of time.

The 5 mana spell cleared Anduin's board giving our Heroin hope. "Stall and live" were the only words in Tyrande's mind from that point on. Elise Starseeker came and went sending the Priestess on a quest for a golden monkey. Confessor Paletress decided to pitch in and help Tyrande by summoning the aspect of magic to defeat the enemies dragons! As quickly as the confessor came, she was gone- and her aspect of magic went with her.

The light faded from Tyrande as Anduin continued to mind control her minions. The end was near and Tyrande's heart was filled with despair. She cast the largest spell Khazakus would allow her to use. The spell twisted the fate of the two battling priests. Anduin's board was cleared! Tyrande had a clear shot at his throat! Forgetting for a moment she was a priest of the holy light and not a sneaky rogue, she summoned 3 minions that had died previously in the game.

Behold! the aspect of magic returned helping her continue on with the fight. Anduin sat helplessly as Tyrande continued growing stronger by building her board and discovering the GOLDEN MONKEY! The most precious monkey, the monkey of Light and HOPE! Changing the form of all the cards in Tyrande's hand she saw victory in a single blow. Tyrande taunted and thanked the opposing priest, Anduin and quickly brought him to his demise by breaking his Light.... and face with A GOLDEN KING CRUSH, baby!

...and they lived happily ever after, because Tyrande lost the rest of her heroic brawl matches xD


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Dear Frustrated Fowl,

For months I resisted playing any Tier 1 decks. I've had plenty of fun playing the things I like and fighting against the meta like some sort of Hearthstone Hipster who thinks he's better than everyone else because I refused to play Patches.

Over this past weekend, however, everything changed. With 3 quests in my log for Shaman, I finally gave in and threw together a typical mid-range Jade shaman deck and went into play mode. Each season I usually end up around Rank 15, but playing Jade Shaman has rocked my world! I'm currently up at rank 5 in the middle of the season and considering making a try-hard push for legend. This has put me in somewhat of an existential crisis. Am I a part of the problem now? Have I become that which I've always hated?

I've also been wondering about ranked more generally: Has the Meta always been this skewed or have I just never noticed? Do you think the Meta will become flatter in the future or do you think we'll continue to have an enormous discrepancy between Tier 1 and Tier 2 decks (never mind Tier 3) to the point where everyone will sellout to the Meta like me?

Help me Cluckers, you're my only hope!

Brian AKA "Troldann"

How do you feel about the inability to buy "wild" cards? It seems like that just makes it a really uninviting place for players who came to the game late. I realize that's the point, but I've got money I'd happily invest in shoring up my GvG collection (via packs), I just don't want to spend all that money to buy dust and build it up at a 4:1 loss.

Ben B

Hello Cluckers

I had a thought about the upcoming quest cards and was wondering what you thought about it.

We've often seen Blizzard pick an archetype to push for each class.  Do you think it's possible or even likely that each class' legendary minion will directly help in completing that class' quest? Like maybe priest gets a 3/3 for 5 that draws 3 cards, and any deathrattle minions drawn are summoned like a Varian Wrynn?  If this were the case, would it be a good idea or a missed opportunity to use 2 legendaries to push 2 different archetypes for each class in case one or both prove non-viable?

Thanks for the always great pod,

Ben B from NYC (not brode...unless that helps my email get read, then yeah, brode :) )


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