HLTA F I can use code for a set purpose. Your goal is to design and create an interesting and relevant web page based on your topic. You will use and add to your previously learnt knowledge. You should include images and links to  other relevant web pages that can be viewed on a range of digital devices. Your website should include: A heading;  different coloured text; a list;  scrolling marquee text;  an image;  a subheading;  a coloured background and anything else you think it needs. 

Steps to Success

Self Assessment

I understand how using HTML code can be used to link with our current topic.

How can HTML be used to link with your current topic ?  (Tick the right one)

To create topic  web page with images, text and links     ◻        

To create a topic slide show   ◻

I have extended my understanding of HTML code and its features.

What is the HTML code used for ?   (Tick the right one)

Creating  a numbered  list  ◻         Creating new paragraphs   ◻


What does the code  below do? (Tick the right one)

<img src=" https://computing.files.wordpress.com/example .jpg ">

Links to a  picture ◻        Links to a web page   ◻


What does this code do ?  (Tick the right one)




Changes an images size ◻        Makes an image scroll  ◻

I understand other computing terms linked to HTML

What does a HTML Editor do?

Allows you to add code to create a webpage  and see the effect ◻        

Allows you to explore the internet   ◻

I understand other computing terms linked to HTML and computing

What does to debug mean?

Edit code that is  working ok  ◻        

Fix coding problems   ◻

DO Assessment