Native American Flute Circles Colorado

There are roughly half a dozen Native American flute circles in Colorado that offer flute lovers the chance to play or learn more about the Native American flute in a friendly, welcoming environment. This directory is intended as a starting place for finding a flute circle close to you in Colorado. These flute circles welcome both beginner and accomplished musicians and focus primarily on the Native American flute; but may also offer instruction in other Native American musical instruments such as rattles, drums and other forms of percussion.

Denver Foothills Flute Circle

Contact Person: John Kulias

14173 West Alaska Drive

Lakewood, CO 80228

Phone: 303-989-9834


Native American Flute Players of Colorado

Contact: Gary Coleman

Colorado Springs, CO

Phone: 719-633-5684


Web site:

Northern Colorado Flute Circle

Contact Person: Peggy Roberts

2839 Brush Creek Drive

Fort Collins, CO 80528

Phone: 970-­‐210-­‐2181


Web site:

Pikes Peak Flute Circle

Contact Person: Rod Krug

Colorado Springs, CO

Phone: 719-930-2505


Rocky Mountain Flute Circle

Contact Person: J.D. Barber

P. O. Box 270855, Littleton, CO 80127

Phone: 303-870-9289


Southwestern Colorado Flute Circle

Contact Person: Michael Kunz

P. O. Box 1495, Durango, CO 81302

Phone: 970-903-8780


The Grand Valley Flute Circle

Contact Person: Larry Eggers

203 Limestone Circle

Grand Junction, CO 81503

Phone: 970-­‐216-­‐3330


In search of a flute circle in Michigan? The MagicWind Flute Circle meets on the first Saturday of every month from 2 to 4 pm in Clinton Township, a Detroit suburb. More information at! The circle’s facilitator, Chuck Pavey, also makes beautiful Native American style flutes. Watch him at work in this Youtube video at