#197 - The Angry Chicken: “Smaller-Time Buccaneer”


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Florida Fireside this weekend

Friday - Sunday

Same venue as CreateCon and past Firesides.

Players that previously qualified as a Winter Tavern Hero will be competing for a spot in the Winter Playoffs! If they manage to be in the TOP 8 of the Tavern Heroes after Friday's Tournament, they move on to play Saturday in the Winter Playoffs.

It’s also an official Blizzard destination location for the Hearthstone Championship Tour’s (HCT) Winter Playoffs.



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Big Hearthstone Changes Coming

These changes will occur in an upcoming update near the end of February.

Ranked “Floors” are coming in 7.1



HCT Prelims were kind of a mess



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Aggro Pirate Rogue

Decklist: http://i.imgur.com/g4NHRc2.png

Crazy Game Stories

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Tom from Sweden

Greeting cluckers!

I was playing evolve shaman the other day against a reno mage and around turn 9 the game was turning slightly into my favor and we were both around 20 health. He had one minion on board and I had three totems and a nerubian prophet. With two evolve in my hand the next card I draw was perfect, a doppelgangster!

I smash the doppelgangster on the bard and followed up with an evolve, I see a Chillmaw on my side but as the greedy clucker I am, I play the other evolve as well. My side is now filled with huge minions, but then I realize I also have an Anomalous, so I start fearing the worst. I press the end turn hoping he doesn't have a fireball to use on my Anomalus to destroy my entire board. In despair my opponent plays ethereal conjurer and waits until the rope to make his choice. I'm starting to think my minions might survive the turn as he hands me a "Well played" and pings my Anomalus. As I see the animation I now realize I also have acidmaw on my side which then destroys the Anomalus and in turn destroys the entire board. Out of combo pieces I hit the concede button and accept my greedy defeat.

Thanks for a great show, keep clucking!


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Greetings Vexed Cockatrices!

I love your show guys! I'm one of the people who plays every week's tavern brawl just once for the free pack. Tavern brawl just doesn't interest me especially when they have a rerun. But I have a great idea to make them more thematic and interesting. How would you feel if each week's tavern brawl was themed after the current expansion AND told a story which unfolded one week at a time over the course of the expansion.

It's a really easy way to explore the lore of Hearthstone. You could have a tavern brawl about the true identity of Kazakus, or maybe one about how Aya wants to take over the world with Jade Golems, or how about Don Han'cho and his secret three-way love affair with (insert legendary card).

Over the course of an entire expansion you could have a story with drama, character arcs, and a big sweeping conclusion to fill out the last week of the expansion! Maybe the last weekly tavern brawl for Gadgetzan could be "The Great Gadgetzan Bank Heist!" It could be a PVE event where you have to battle the bank's automated defenses.

Finally the expansion will end with Kazakus, Aya, and the Don saying, "We had a lot of fun with you over the past months. Thanks a lot! You are awesome!" THE END!


Hi angry chickens,

Over the last few episodes you have talked a lot about how ladder is very different from how tournaments work and that an in-game tournament mode could be a long term solution.

What do you think about, as a short term idea, allowing players to ban one or two classes on ladder, which they will then not be matched up against? This would have three main effects:

1. Encourage creativity by opening up possibilities for decks that are currently dominated by popular ladder decks.

2. De-incentivise playing the strongest deck, because doing so you would know that anyone you are playing against made the decision to not ban your class and has probably teched their deck accordingly.

3. Avoid the frustration of queuing again and again into the one class that you just hate playing against.

I think the technology for this should be there and it would only mildly confuse new players. What do you think?

BB Thorn

Dear Polymorphously Perturbed Poultry,

I would describe myself as a semi-casual, semi-free-to-play Hearthstone player.  Lately I have found the structure of the Hearthstone ranked ladder rather demoralizing, since despite the tooltip informing me that I'm ranked higher than most people who play the game, I can't help but be aware that I'm not making it to legend. I could never be a competitive player in the pro scene. This isn't false modesty, I know my limits, just like I knew my limits playing baseball or basketball when I was younger.  That didn't prevent me from playing in recreational sports leagues for various sports, though, and competing, and having a ton of fun.  

Recreational sports leagues are incredibly popular. In these local recreational leagues, there is no expectation that you should be competitive with the pros, only that you can compete with the people in your league.

Would it be fun to play in a local sports tournament if every time you played you were told how you measured up?  "Oh, good job tonight, by the way you're still nowhere close to being professional material".  I don't need that information.  I'm aware of it, I'm playing despite it, and I have no aspirations of becoming a pro.  I just want to play and compete at my level.

I don't know what the fix for this is exactly, but I feel like recreational leagues would be very interesting. Of course, this would be hell to organize, and I wouldn't expect Blizzard to put it on.  However, if they could develop tools to enable community organizers to do it, I bet it would happen.  I look at the hard work the TAC crew have put into organizing community events, and I wonder how much better if there were in-game tools for organizing, oh I don't know, a tournament?  A league?  How cool would that be?

Thanks as always for the amazing podcast you put on, you've been a huge part of making Hearthstone such an enjoyable game for me.  Like you, I only want to see them improve a game that I really enjoy.


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