Unit Title

MinecraftEDU embedded


Reading, Writing, Math, Science Social Studies

Designed by

Kara Cole

Time Frame


Stage 1- Desired Results

Establish Goals

  • Students will show their thinking using technology (through the use of Minecraft EDU) across curriculum areas.
  • Students will use technology as a tool to visually represent their understanding of concepts learned, through both pictures and words.


Learners will be able to....

What kinds of long-term independent accomplishments are desired?

  • collaboratively create an original world
  • show their understanding of concepts they are learning in math, language arts, science and social studies
  • build upon and adapt their thinking as new concepts are learned
  • share their thinking with others
  • reflect upon their own learning
  • listen to peers about learning
  • critique their own work and the work of others
  • investigate new possibilities to show their thinking and understanding



Learners will understand that...

  • they need to collaborate and communicate with their peers
  • they need to plan and manage activities to develop solutions to problems
  • they need to produce clear writing or visual displays to demonstrate understanding
  • justifying their ideas is important
  • while investigating new ways to do things there are successes and failures

Essential Questions

Learners will keep considering...

  • What other tools could I use to help me reach my end goal?
  • Is there a different way I could accomplish this same task?
  • How can I represent my thinking in a more clear manner?
  • Which part of what I am saying is the most important?
  • What are the pros and cons of what I am doing?
  • Which approach would be the best way to show a clear understanding?


Learners  will know…

  • how to show an understanding of ideas using technology  (MinecraftEDU) as a tool
  • the importance of communicating with others
  • the importance of evaluation and feedback
  • the meaning of responsibility and creative thinking
  • how to support their opinions with evidence
  • how to act with integrity

Learners will be skilled at...

  • choosing an effective way to communicate their understandings
  • justifying their decisions
  • prioritizing what they need to work on most
  • critiquing their own work and the work of others
  • improving upon themselves

Stage 2- Evidence




Meaning Making

* rubric for dispositions of learning

* Student check out slips

* rubrics for particular tasks

* anecdotal notes about classroom activity

* Buddy feedback


Learners will show that they understand by evidence of…

Stage 3- Learning Plan


Learning Events

Progress Monitoring

In each curriculum area, my plan is to work on implementing the following lessons/ideas:


  • “Following Characters into Meaning” unit- I’m hoping that students will be able to post clues about main character traits within their dwellings and other students will search for the clues to compare and contrast the traits with the traits of their own characters.
  • Put a poster on your “front door” to keep visitors informed as to what book you are currently reading.
  • “Historical Fiction Book Club” unit- teams can work together to share their test with other teams.  All students will work to make connections- text to world, text to self, and text to text.  


  • “Narrative Craft” unit- students will share their narratives within their world- placing the text in a place that also illustrates and contributes to meaning of their story.
  • students can create a bulletin board where they can post messages for visitors
  • students can blog about their Minecraft experiences.


  • “Estimation and computation” unit- students will use arrays to help decide how long and wide their original dwellings will be
  • students can write computation word problems for their visitors to solve in order to enter certain areas of their dwelling
  • I’m not sure yet how we will include more math in our early stages, but feel confident that the students will be able to brainstorm some ideas about how this can be done.  
  • Later in the year when we work on “perimeter, area and volume” we will easily be able to calculate many parts of our created world.



  • “Cells” unit- students will recreate the basic parts of a cell within the world or using another tool to show their understanding and embed it within our world.
  • “Archaeology” unit- from what I know, there is opportunity to dig within Minecraft, so I feel confident, there will be many ways we can embed technology into this unit. My tech coach will likely have ideas as he used to be a science/math teacher and comes up with cool ideas in these areas.

Social Studies:

  • “We’re more than points on a grid” unit- students will create quests for each other that will require their partners to use map skills, recognize landforms and report back their findings.
  • Students can create “treasure maps” of our world using cartoon journalism or other pictorial representations

Most assessment will be formative, but certain pieces of writing will potentially be summative.

Anecdotal notes and feedback to students will happen regularly.

Check out slips will be shared as students leave lessons to allow for regular feedback from them, allowing ample opportunity for student to forward-think about what they would like to create next.

Resources / Materials:

  • classroom set of laptops (we are already one to one in 5th grade)
  • MinecraftEDU licences
  • Tech coach- Larry- and tech team to assist with start up, technical issues and brainstorming of ideas for further development.
  • ipads for creation of movies and other digital visual representations.  
  • Blogger
  • Support from those who have gone before me Rebekah Madrid 7th graders (and one teacher) learning with Minecraft