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Sarah Landis

Using Hyperdocs to Build Community

Melissa Hero


ClEvR Lab Reports Using Video

Building Academic Vocabulary in Science

Trisha Sanchez

                                 What Do You Do With All The Access?

                                  Don't Just Consume Information, Create With It

Ben CogswellFullSizeRender.jpg

Literacy is MORE than just text!

Flipping the Writing Process

Bill SelakSelak-snapchat-avatar.PNG

School of Rock

Electric Pages

Sean ZiebarthZiebarth portrait.jpg

Navigating the ocean of inquiry w/ S.Q.U.I.D.D.

QFT: lo-fi inquiry technology that results in hi-fi student work

Lisa Highfill

                              HyperDoc YouTube Lessons That Will Leave You Thinking

                              HyperDoc your Maps with Place Based Story Telling

Kristen Beck IMG_20160830_051008.jpg

                              The Weird Number an Elementary Fractions Unit

                              Using STEAM Lesson Design to Differentiate Student Learning

Ann Kozma

Bye, Bye Boring Book Reports

Would You Rather...?


Lisa DeLapo

Accountable Talk

Jeremiah Ruesch IMG_0942.jpg

The Story of Math (in 3 acts)

SMPs: The Recipe for Learning


Kelly Hilton

Mulitmedia Text Sets: The Gateway to Building HyperDocs

Show What You Know: From Docs with Links to HyperDocs

Matt Miller Matt headshot.jpg

Connecting Classrooms to the World

Tech Like a PIRATE

David Platt 

              Students as teachers. Using Iron Chef and Pecha to tell the story 

             Vocabulary again? Mix it up, make it relevant, make it collaborative, make it an experience.           

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                                   All Aboard the Smart Start Train!

Cori Orlando About   Leading In Limbo.png

                             This Ain't Your Grandma's Read Aloud

                             Let's Have a Good 'Ol Food Fight

 Martin Cisneros

                              Stop! Animate & Listen!

                                 Making Thinking Visible!  


Judy Jernigan, Tina Skuce

                                  Accountable Talk

Bruce Friend

Gaining key stakeholder support for your blended learning program

Dealing with skeptics of blended and online learning