Choir Forms- Summary



This is a summary of the information and forms for the school year.  As you see, there are many forms.  This list indicates which forms are required and which are optional.  It also lets you see materials and forms that are available that may not have made it home.  The calendar is in the top banner to the right.  All paperwork and google forms are in the banner to the left.


REQUIRED PAPERWORK: (Due Friday, Aug 18th 2017)

        These are found in the folder called “Student Paperwork” on the left.


• FUHSD FORM:  “Parent/Guardian Field Trip Permission and Medical Authorization Form”

• MUSIC DEPT FORM:  “Behavior Agreement”

• “Choir Calendar Commitment Check-off” - both electronic and paper form!

• "Choir Expenses Information"

• The “Choir Contribution" form must be attached to any and all payments and contributions.


Required on-line form:    “Calendar Commitment Check Off”

the top link on the left banner


Explanations and Other Forms:


The “Choir Calendar Commitment Check-off” form asks you to sign that you understand class policies.  It also provides an opportunity to indicate any conflicts with required calendar events, and indicate your participation in optional events.  The "Choir Expenses Information" form asks you to sign that you have read it, but then please use the “Choir Contribution” for any payments or contributions.


Students new to choir will need the dress or tuxedo.  Dress and tuxedo measurements and fittings will be done in class.  Items issued to the students will remain property of the music boosters, and must be returned in good condition when the student is no longer in choir or out-grows it.  Students returning shoes or attire in an unacceptable condition will be assessed a cleaning/replacement fee.


Parents and guardians who wish to volunteer can express their interests using an on-line form.  Check Dr. Morton’s School Loop page for the form, and be sure that you are registered on schoolloop to receive emails from him.

                If chaperoning, you will also need

1)    FUHSD form “Volunteer Field Trip Waiver Notice and Medical Authorization”

2)    if driving, FUHSD form “Private Car Travel Check for Activity Trips”


“Scrip Flyer” – Explains the fundraising opportunity of both e-scrip and paper scrip.


“Scrip order form” – form to fill out and order paper scrip (gift cards).