Amazon Echo® Integration

Step by Step guide to get started with Alexa®

Step 1: Download the Amazon Alexa Syrus app into your gateway

Log into the version 1 of your gateway and go into SyrusMART and install the Amazon Alexa app

Once installed you can see an activation code, save this for later. (Make sure you are in the installed apps section to see the Activation Code.

Step 2: Access Amazon Alexa from webpage or the Android App


Step 3: Find and install the Syrus Skill

Step 4: Link to your Gateway

Once installed, you will be redirected to the following page,

The Code is the activation code that you received in Step 1 of the tutorial.  The username and password are from your gateway access, be sure to check the “permanent” checkmark if you want to keep the session open with Alexa.

Once it’s linked:

Step 5: Create the alias for your vehicles

Alexa understands better when you speak Phonetic alphabet tables, for example: alpha, bravo, charlie, delta.. Etc.. here’s a list

You can enter these ‘aliases’ for any vehicle in your gateway by logging into the version 2 and going into the Organization -> Vehicles section.

Select a vehicle and enter the alias, for example: alpha or bravo


Step 6: Start speaking and interacting with Alexa

You can start by speaking phrases such as:

>>> Alexa ask Syrus to select vehicle alpha

<<< I have selected vehicle Ford Taurus, what would you like to do?

>>> Locate it

<<< The vehicle is located at …

For more information you can ask Alexa for help.

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