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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does it cost to go to Heritage?

Answer: About $8,000 a year that includes food, lodging, etc. For more details, check our College Catalog.

  1. Where will I live?


Males - We have a two-story, 19-bedroom boys’ dorm with two living rooms, two kitchens, and two washers and dryers.

Females - We have a two-story, 19-bedroom girls’ dorm with two living rooms, two kitchens, and two washers and dryers.

  1. Where will I go to church? What will I do in the church?

Answer: Savannah Holy Church of God because you will be immersed in the practical training ministries of the church.You will be expected to participate in every aspect of ministry. Some examples, may include door-to-door visitation, teaching Sunday School, leading worship, altar workers and more.

  1. Where will I eat?

Answer: We have a large church assembly hall where you will gather for lunch and supper.

  1. What will I study?

Answer: Heritage offers three (3) different programs

The 1-year Certificate of Christian Foundations is offered for students who:

1) may be seeking direction in their life,

2) want to be able to strongly defend Holiness positions in the public university system

3) want to become accustomed to university level work while in a Holiness environment.

The Bachelor’s Degrees will equip the students with the necessary skills and passion to pursue their calling in the field of Christian ministry.

  1. Will I be allowed to work?

Answer: Yes. The classes are currently scheduled so that the class load is from Tuesday evening through Friday morning. Therefore students wishing to work may find opportunities on Friday, Saturday and Monday. There are many work opportunities in a short driving radius from the campus.

  1. What will I be required to wear?

Answer: In general, Business Casual will be the usual dress for classes. Uniforms will not be required for students during classes.   More details are available in the Student Handbook.

  1. Are you accredited?

Answer: No, but we are working toward that goal. Accreditation is a multi-year process.  We have started that process and are working as diligently as possible toward that goal.  

  1. What do I need to do to get ready?

Answer: 1) Schedule to take the SAT or ACT if you have not already done so 2) Complete the application available online.

  1. Will there be opportunities for weekend ministry opportunities?

Answer: Absolutely