Fourth Grade Supply List 2016-2017

Supplies to be kept by student and restocked at home.  

1- 2in binder (any style as long as it is a minimum of 2 inches)

1-pencil bag to fit inside binder (no pencil boxes)

1-pkg of 6 dividers with pockets

1- 100 count WIDE RULE notebook paper

1- scissors

12- #2 pencils

1- handheld pencil sharpener

Supplies to be turned into teacher:

$5 Science Lab fee

6 composition notebooks

2- pink pearl erasers

2 glue sticks (or one glue bottle)- GIRLS

1 roll of tape- BOYS

1 pkg of manilla paper (any size) GIRLS

1 pkg of construction paper (any size) BOYS

12 - #2 pencils

1- roll of Duct tape (decorative is fine)  GIRLS

1- box of GALLON size Ziploc bags BOYS

1- pkg of presharpened colored pencils

1-pkg markers (not sharpies)

1 package of highlighters (blue, yellow, green, pink)

1- container of Clorox wipes

$5 Science Lab fee