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Police: 911

Ambulance: 911

Medical Help

  1. STRAW Inc.,
    Offers counselling, career and job assistance, and safe place for young women in crises.
    Address: #307 Soldier Road, Nassau, N.P., SB-52874
    Phone: 1-242-328-2304
  2. Dr. Hubert Minnis
    Offers Obstetric support for women.
    Address: 4th Terrace Centerville, P. O. Box N-1690
    Phone: (242) 328-2566
  3. Dr Charles Diggis
    Offers trauma and emergency medical services
    Address: Dr. James Ifferenta, #145 Shirley Street, P. O. Box CB 13645, Nassau
    Phone: (242) 325-0227
    Fax: (242) 326-5858

Legal Help

  1. Council of Legal Education / Legal Aid Clinic
    Offers legal aid, awareness drives and representations for those in need.
    Address: #3 Pitt Road, #9 V.B. Munnings Building, Nassau
    Phone: 242-322-5943 / 242-322-5944
    Fax: 242-322-5945


  1. Crisis Centre Bahamas
    Offers emergency assistance for women facing crisis of any sort.
    Address:  PO Box EE 17910, Nassau
    Phone: +1 242 328 0922
    Fax: +1 242 328 7824
    Email: / 
  2. The Women's Crisis Centre
    Offers assistance for women in times of emergency and crisis, particularly in the form of emergency responses, medical and legal assistance.
    Address: P.O. Box N. 476, Nassau. N.P, The Bahamas
    Phone: 1-242-328-0922
    Fax: 1-242-328-0922
  3. Department of Social Services
    Provides psycho-social rehabilitation and crisis assistance for women who have survived domestic violence
    Address: Clarence A. Bain Building, Thompson Boulevard, New Providence, Nassau, The Bahamas
    Tel. (242) 502-2850 or 326-0526
    Fax. (242) 323-8672