Lee Mordechai

October 14, 2016

3 Lawrence Drive, Princeton, NJ 08540, Apt. #105

lmordech@princeton.edu, 609-356-6375, www.leemordechai.com

Formal Education

2011-                        Princeton University, Ph.D. Candidate in History (ABD).

Advisor: John Haldon; Dissertation title: “Emperors and Elites in the Eleventh Century Eastern Roman Empire”. Defense expected May 2017.

2009-2011                Hebrew University, all coursework towards a M.A. in History.

2011                        Hebrew University, M.A. in Clinical Psychology, magna cum laude.

2009                        Hebrew University, B.A. in History and Psychology (dual majors)

                        Three years on Dean’s List, summa cum laude.

Peer-reviewed Publications

2015        The Last Century of Theophanes’ Chronicle: A Statistical Approach, Travaux et Mémoires 19, pp. 445-466.

Current Projects

2013-        Director of the FLAME Project (Framing the Late Antique and early Medieval Economy), currently with over twenty participants and staff members; see coinage.princeton.edu and a demo animation at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqIgDvSMHM4.

2015-        Associate Director and co-PI of the CCHRI (Climate Change and History Research Initiative), focusing on a comparative approach to understand the impact of climate and environment on complex societies in Eurasia, 300-1900; see cchri.princeton.edu.

Publications under review

under review        (co-authored with Alan Stahl) Late Antique and Early Medieval Imitations and the FLAME Database. Submitted to the Journal of Nordic Numismatics. 

under review        Benjamin of Tudela and his Book of Travels, in Byzantine Texts on Art and Aesthetics, Vol. II: From the Komnenoi to the rise of Hesychasm (1081- ca.1330), eds. Charles Barber and Foteini Spingou.

Commissioned Publications

journal article        Resilience to SCEs (Short-term Cataclysmic Events) in the Premodern Eastern Mediterranean. Part of a special issue of the Journal of Human Ecology.

journal article        Imperial Families and Succession in the Eleventh Century Eastern Roman Empire. Invited submission to Medieval Prosopography.

book chapter        Sixth Century Antioch Between Resilience and Vulnerability. Invited submission to a volume titled Environment and Society During the long Late Antiquity (ed. Adam Izdebski, under contract with Brill).

Honors and Awards

2015/6-2016/7        Princeton Environment and Climate Scholars Graduate Fellowship

2015/6        The Sharmin and Bijan Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Iran and Persian Gulf Studies research funding

2015/6        Center for Digital Humanities conference funding

2014/5-2015/6        Committee for the Study of Late Antiquity research funding

2014/5-2015/6        Near Eastern Studies research funding

2011/2-2015/6        Stanley J. Seeger Graduate Fellowship

2011/2-2015/6        Program in the Ancient World research funding

2011/2-2014/5        Stanley J. Seeger Summer Fellowship 

2014/5        Graduate School Honorific Fellowship (nominated)

2014/5        History Department dissertation research funding

2014/5        Gorgias Press Book Grant (second prize)

2013/4        History Department pre-dissertation research funding

2012/3        PIIRS (Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies) research funding

2011/2        History Department language funding

2011/2        Dumbarton Oaks Byzantine Greek Summer School

Event Organization

2017        (May) Co-organizer of annual colloquium for the PIIRS Climate Change and History Initiative, title TBD, at Princeton. ~10 participants.

2017        (May) Organizer of panel, “Exploring the Early Medieval Economy”, at the International Congress of Medieval Studies at Kalamazoo.

2017        (April) Co-organizer of a colloquium, “The Premodern Family: A Comparative Approach”, at Princeton with Sara McDougall (John Jay College). ~15 participants.

2017        (January) On organizing academic committee of the “2nd International Congress on the History of Money and Numismatics in the Mediterranean World”, in Antalya, Turkey. ~60 participants.

2016        (September) Co-organizer of a three day Palynology Workshop for the PIIRS Climate Change and History Initiative. ~25 participants.

2016        (May) Organizer of a three-day conference, “Framing the Late Antique and Early Medieval Economy”, at Princeton. ~25 participants.

2016        (May) Co-organizer of a colloquium, “Climate and Resilience”, for the PIIRS Climate Change and History Initiative. ~10 participants.

2015        (September) Co-organizer of a three day Dendroclimatology Workshop for the PIIRS Climate Change and History Initiative, at Princeton. ~20 participants.

2015        (May) Co-organizer of a three day conference, “Climate and Society in Byzantine and Ottoman Anatolia, 300-1900 CE”, at Princeton. ~20 participants.

2015        (March) Organizer of the workshop, “FLAME, Phase I: Minting”, at Princeton. ~15 participants.

2014, 2015        (Summer) Coordinator and point-person for Princeton’s Mt. Menoikeion Seminar, planning and leading a group of students in Greek for a week. ~15 participants.

2014        (April) Co-organizer of the graduate conference, “There and Back Again: Travel and Itinerancy in the Middle Ages”, at Princeton. ~15 participants.

Research Training and Skills

-2016        Extensive research trips in Europe and the Mediterranean and beyond (see below for details).

2016        Palynology Workshop (Princeton University).

2015        Dendroclimatology Workshop (Princeton University).

2015        Greek Paleography and Codicology Winter School (The American Academy, Rome).

2012-4        Assistant to Alan Stahl in cataloging ancient and medieval coins of the Princeton numismatic collection.

2012        Dumbarton Oaks Summer School in Byzantine Greek (Washington DC).

2012        Institute for Balkan Studies Summer School in Modern Greek (Thessaloniki, Greece).

Digital Humanities

2014-        Planning, communicating and implementing databases and graphic interfaces by working with FLAME’s developers in the US and Europe.

additional tools        Programming (Java, Python), MySQL, ArcGIS, WordPress, HTML, Zotero, Endnote, Scrivener, Gephi, Google Sites.

Research Languages

Ancient/Medieval Greek, Latin, Arabic, Italian, Hebrew, Syriac, French, German, Modern Greek, Russian (learning).

Select Presentations

2016        (October) “From Fanboys to Frenemies: Foreign Elites in Eleventh Century Byzantium” (The Annual Byzantine Studies Conference, Cornell).

2016        (August) “Families, Feuds and Friends: imperial succession in the eleventh century Eastern Roman Empire” (The International Congress of Byzantine Studies, Belgrade).

2016        (May) “Resilience to Seismic Events in the Byzantine Empire” (PIIRS Climate and History Initiative Colloquium, Princeton).

2016        (May) “What’s an Emperor to do? East Roman Kingship in the Eleventh Century” (Princeton-Vienna-Berlin-Mainz seminar, Princeton).

2016        (invited, May) “The FLAME (Framing the Late Antique and early Medieval Economy) Project: From Solidus to Software” (The International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, MI).

2016        (April) Three presentations (“FLAME: An Overview”; “FLAME: Interim Findings”; “FLAME: The Future”) at the Framing the Late Antique and Early Medieval Economy Conference (Princeton).

2016        (invited, March) “Byzantium in the Balkans: Memories of an Empire” (Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies, Princeton).

2016        (March) “From Suspects to Successors: Imperial Families and Inheritance in Eleventh-Century Byzantium” (the annual IUDC Consortium, New York City).

2015        (May) “Remembering Byzantium: The Ashes of an Empire” (Princeton-Oxford-Vienna seminar, Vienna).

2015        (May) “Imperial expenses in the Eleventh Century Eastern Roman Empire” (The International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, MI).

2015        (May) “Monastics, Monasteries and Monasticism: A Comparative Approach” (Mt. Menoikeion seminar, Princeton).

2015        (May) “Earthquakes: Extent, Effects and Evidence” (PIIRS Climate and History Initiative Conference, Princeton).

2015        (March) “King of the World or Dust in the Wind: Constantine IX between history and historiography” (Annual Princeton Graduate Conference, Princeton).

2014        (June) “Remembering Byzantium in the Balkans” (Mt. Menoikeion seminar, Greece).

2014        (May) “Imperial Family and Succession in the Eleventh Century Eastern Roman Empire” (Princeton-Vienna seminar, Princeton).

2013        (June) “Byzantium and its Frontiers” (Mt. Menoikeion seminar, Greece).

2013        (May) “Michael V’s Reign between Narrative and Historiography” (Princeton-Oxford-Vienna seminar, Oxford).

2013        (April) “Forms of Social Grouping in the Early Church Historians” (Annual Princeton Graduate Conference, Princeton).

2013        (January) “Ethnicity as a Group Marker in the Fifth Century Church Historians” (Princeton-Oxford seminar, Oxford).

2012        (September) “The Last Century of Theophanes’ Chronicle – A Statistical Approach” (Theophanes Conference, Paris).

2012        (January) “Sibling Incest in Roman Egypt” (Princeton-Oxford seminar, Princeton).


2015/6        Attended the McGraw Teaching Seminar (year-long) at Princeton.

2014        Teaching Assistant at Princeton for The World of Late Antiquity (HIS 210); taught two sections. 22 students.

2009-2011        Teaching Assistant at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem for Ancient History introductory courses (one per semester for two years); taught the freshmen seminar: "Bibliographical Tutoring" (once a year for two years).


2015/6-2016/7        Member of Princeton’s Career Services Graduate Student Advisory Board.

2013/4        Graduate History Association – Treasurer. Planned and executed budget.

Relevant Travels

Eastern Europe        Greece (numerous times, inc. Mt. Athos and Crete), Turkey (several times between 2011 and 2016), Serbia (several times between 2014 and 2016), Romania (fall 2010, summer 2014), Bulgaria, Macedonia, Croatia, Albania, Slovenia (summer 2014), Bosnia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, Ukraine, Russia (summer 2015)

Europe (other)        France (numerous times), Belgium (numerous times), The Netherlands (numerous times), United Kingdom (several times), Italy (several times and residence for a semester in 2014/5, inc. Sicily), Austria, Hungary, Sweden, Finland, Denmark (summer 2015).

The Middle East        Israel (original residence), Egypt (spring 2011).

Caucasus        Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Nagorno-Karabakh (summer 2015).

Other Training/Skills

2009-11        Psychotherapist at Kfar Shaul Mental Hospital in Jerusalem, as part of the Clinical Psychology MA program.

2006-9        Research assistant in a Psychology lab at the Hebrew University. Work involved planning, programming and running experiments under the supervision of Yaacov Schul, prominent researcher in Social Psychology.

2005-13        Head Tour Guide for Israeli tour groups visiting European countries (France, Belgium, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and Italy). Job preceded by a year-long course.


John Haldon

Shelby Cullom Davis '30 Professor of European History, Professor of Byzantine History and Hellenic Studies, and Director of the Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Iran and Persian Gulf Studies

Princeton University


William Chester Jordan

Dayton-Stockton Professor of History and Chair of the History Department

Princeton University


Stefan Heidemann

Professor of Islamic Studies

Universität Hamburg


Alan Stahl

Curator of Numismatics

Princeton University


Jack Tannous

Assistant Professor

Princeton University


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