Bellaire Baptist Church






Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed

 "Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."

 2 Timothy 2:15



Dr. Randy Harper, Pastor

1210 Bellaire Blvd. Bossier City, LA 71112



For the safety of your children and to ensure there is an adult to receive them, please do not arrive any earlier than 6:15 pm.  Puggles and Cubbies will meet in the Building Blocks Building. Sparks and T & T will meet in the Fellowship Hall. Please plan to arrive in plenty of time to check-in before Opening Ceremony begins.  We will open the club night in prayer, and recite the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, the Christian flag, the pledge to the AWANA flag, and the pledge to the Bible. 


Puggles & Cubbies have “play time” in their classrooms or on the playground. Some games are themed to match the Bible verse or lesson for that evening.


Sparks and T&T clubbers are split into different teams.  Each team is named after a color:  Red, Green, Blue or Yellow.  They play games consisting of relays, tug of war, and other competitions.  These games will be age-appropriate and the emphasis of the game time is to teach fairness, good sportsmanship, and simply have fun.  All children are expected to participate in games unless a parent communicates otherwise to an AWANA Leader.


Puggles learn their Bible lesson as a group, it is reinforced with a coloring or craft activity. Cubbies recite their verses to their leaders. There is only one Bear Hug per week. Parent involvement is vital to the advancement of Cubbies. Please read verses with your children each week. Cubbies progress through the book together as a class.


Sparks & T&T clubbers meet in small groups (8 to 10 clubbers) with two leaders to study and complete sections in their handbook.  Each week clubbers are encouraged to complete at least one “section” in their handbook.  A “section” refers to a small part of the handbook, which includes memorizing verses, performing various activities, attending Sunday School or Worship Celebrations, and crafts.  Clubbers should not skip around in their handbooks. The Leader and Listener will listen to as many sections as time allows.  Two (2) sections will be the limit unless additional time permits.  This will be at the leader's discretion.  Awards will be given out after council time at the end of Club night each week. Clubbers are more successful if parents spend 1 night a week helping them review and prepare.


AWANA BUCKS are cool! Sparks and T&T clubbers will have an opportunity to receive AWANA BUCKS.  Leaders offer these special coupons as immediate incentives for passing sections, good behavior, being on time, and various other reasons.  Clubbers have the opportunity to trade in AWANA BUCKS they have earned for various items at the AWANA BUCKS Store.  Those items will range from trinkets and jewelry to sports items and candy.  Clubbers will earn AWANA BUCKS on Wednesday nights.

Store Nights this year: November 15th, February 7th, and May 9th

*Puggles & Cubbies will not have AWANA BUCKS. They have a different reward system for behavior and verses.


Check-in is an important part of the weekly club meeting.  Clubbers may begin arriving at 6:15 PM and no later than 6:25 PM in order to receive AWANA BUCKS. Accurate records are necessary to ensure each child receives the appropriate awards.


After, paying the registration fee AND completing the Entrance Booklet for their club, clubbers will be given their uniform.  Wearing the uniform each week is an important part of a successful AWANA experience.  According to AWANA guidelines, clubbers must be in uniform to receive awards.  Clubbers will also receive AWANA BUCKS for wearing their uniforms. Clubbers are proud to display the awards they have earned on their uniforms.


Boys and girls should plan to bring their handbooks and Bibles each week to AWANA meetings.  At check-in, they will have the opportunity to receive AWANA BUCKS for bringing these items with them.  A handbook bag or other means of transporting handbooks and Bibles is a good idea.  AWANA handbags are available to purchase at the registration desk for an additional $5.  Please mark all personal items with the clubber’s name.


Please consult the AWANA Theme Calendar weekly located in the back of this handbook.  Many fun times are planned for AWANA nights.  Clubbers will receive AWANA BUCKS for participating in Theme Night – the crazier the better.  Have a good time and go all out!


Friends are very important to the AWANA clubbers.  Boys and girls are encouraged to invite their friends from school, the neighborhood, sports teams, dance class, or anywhere they can be found.  Clubbers can earn AWANA BUCKS for bringing their friends.  Children who are not yet members of AWANA may visit and enjoy the fun of AWANA.  They will receive entrance booklets to introduce them to the AWANA Clubs and are encouraged to join.


Parents, you are a vital part of the AWANA ministry.  We count on you to partner with us in helping your children and their friends come to know Jesus as their personal Savior.  One of the ways you can do this is to encourage your kids to participate fully in the AWANA experience, invite their friends to come to AWANA club meetings, and visit AWANA meetings.  We count on you to help us listen to verses each week.  Periodically, you will be asked to assist in a club, or you may simply tell your child’s leader to assign you to help.  Thank you for your willingness to help as needed.

There are certain things expected of each AWANA Club member.  These are not intended to prevent anyone from having fun, but to make sure a good time is had by all.

1.        Clubbers must pass the entrance booklet for their club before receiving a uniform or


2.        Complete uniforms with all awards are to be worn every week.  Soft-soled athletic

            shoes are a must for game time – no sandals or flip flops please.

3.        Clubbers are to sit as a group with their handbook leader during opening and awards


4.        The "two by two" rule must always be followed when using the restroom.  Children

           must go and return in groups of no fewer than two.  

5.        Soda machines are off limits.  Please, no chewing gum.

6.        Walk quietly to and from every club segment.  Due to safety concerns, please no  

           running in the halls. Clubbers should always have their leader’s permission to leave an


7.        All clubbers are expected to take part in the entire club program, unless a leader has

            been provided a note from a parent.

8.        Awards are NOT given unless a clubber is in uniform.

9.        All clubbers must be picked up by adults in their designated dismissal room unless

           other arrangements have been made.  

10.        To pass a section, no more than two (2) helps are allowed.  A Help is ONE KEY word.  

            The reference is part of the section verse and is stated before or after the verse at

            the choice of the clubber.  

11.           Correct behavior in children will be achieved through “Positive Guidance”.  However,

          for clubbers who do not cooperate, a “warning” will be given. If a child will still not

          cooperate with their leader, AWANA bucks that have been earned will be taken away.  

         One AWANA buck will be taken per infraction.  If a child continues to not cooperate

         with the AWANA leadership, a parent-child conference will be held to discuss the

         matter with the Children’s Director.  The clubber is welcome back when he or she

         commits to meeting club expectations.

12.        If a clubber loses their handbook, uniform or awards it must be replaced at the

        parent’s expense. Most items are $10-12 individually.

13.    If club fees are not paid or clubbers chronically do not bring handbooks; classroom

        worksheets will be made available but clubbers will not be able to receive awards.


1.    The AWANA uniform lets others know you are a member of AWANA.  You will

    receive it as soon as you complete the entrance requirement for your club

    membership so you will have a place to display your awards


2.    AWANA uniforms are included in your registration fee.


3.    PLEASE DO NOT allow the cost of a uniform or other activities to keep your child

     from AWANA.  We will offer financial assistance.  If you are in need of Scholarship

     assistance for the AWANA uniform, dues, etc. please contact the children’s ministry

     office at 746-3914.


4.    If you would like to sponsor a clubber uniform, or other AWANA costs please call

    the children’s ministry office at 746-3914.  




Be sure to come early so you have time to register your friend and get them their entrance booklet.



Go right to your club quietly.  Check in with your secretary so you can receive your AWANA BUCKS for attendance.  Clubbers who are late must join the other kids where they are in the schedule.  They may not miss Games or Council Time to recite verses.



You must buy another one.  The cost depends on which item is actually lost.



Notify your leader immediately.  Your leader will take you to where first aid will be administered.  Your parent will be notified by phone and/ or accident report.


While regular attendance is important to the success of AWANA, we know that sometimes our clubbers must be out.  In order not to get behind in their handbooks, clubbers should plan to pass extra sections when they return.