T3P3 Kossel Mini Kit - Release 3

Assembly Instructions

Chapter 14 - Wiring

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1401 Wiring - Parts required

Hot-end wiring loom - 12 way

Motor cable set


1402 Hot-end wiring

Plug the wiring loom into the PCB mounted on the effector, and ziptie to the Bowden tube above the plug.

Route the cables along the PTFE Bowden tube, ziptied at intervals.

Fit a ziptie close to the extruder, adding the Z-endstop cable, and plug in the extruder motor cable. Route the wiring loom down the side of the extruder motor, adding the extruder motor wires on the way.


Route the cables down the Z-tower,  ziptieing at about 100mm above the bottom, and again at the bottom of the tower.

Feed the cable bundle between the X-Z extrusions into the base of the printer.

Run the Y-endstop cable along the Y-Z channel and ziptie.

Similarly run the X-endstop cable along the X-Z channel.

 1403 Motor wiring

Fit the motor cables to the X, Y and Z motors, ensuring the labels match up correctly. Make sure they go in fully.


1404 Connect wiring to controller


Make sure you take precautions not to build up electrostatic charge while handling the electronics - refer to the Introduction for more details.


If in any doubt about the wiring, consult the Duet V0.8.5 wiring diagram shown below. The diagram is a simplified version of the original from  http://reprap.org/wiki/Duet#Wiring (click on the wiring diagram at that link to enlarge). Note that the wiki diagram is for a conventional printer, not a delta, so shows 2 Z-motors. It also shows the optional Duex4 expansion board and dual extruders, but all these extras can be ignored.


It is now necessary to remove the Duet to attach the probe and hot-end heater connectors which are inaccessible once the Duet is mounted.

Plug the probe lead onto its header as shown, observing correct orientation.

Gently bend the probe header pins to about 45 degrees by pushing on the side of the plug.

Connect the hot end heater wires to screw terminal E0 HEAT. Refit the Duet - you will need to guide the probe plug into the gap between the extrusions.

Connect the Z-motor to the first 4 header pins from the right-hand corner of the board, with the labelled side facing you and the red wire on the left.

Next connect the Z-endstop to the remaining 3 pins of the Z-header. The centre pin is not used for micro-switch endstops.

Similarly connect the Y-motor and Y-endstop, …….

….. and the X-motor and X-endstop, followed by the E-motor

Connect the hot-end thermistor to the E0 TEMP header. You will have to bend the header pins slightly for it to fit.

Connect the always-on hot end cooling fan to one or other of the 2 pairs of Always On Fan headers, observing the polarity shown.

Plug the electronics cooling fan onto the other Always On Fan header, observing the same polarity.

Finally plug the PWM fan single wire onto the GND (left-side) pin of the FAN0 header.

You can now tidy up the wiring with zipties, and then go on to the next Chapter.


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