February Town Hall 2013

Greetings and Welcome Home! Its wonderful to see everyone here in Center Camp on our little slice of the virtual Playa! Deep Hole has been our home for many years now, and you are all our family! Let’s all say Welcome home now to a few people. Just type into chat a few of the people that are standing near you or far away and say “Welcome Home!”

My name is EmCee Widget. Everyone calls me EmCee or MC. I am one of three Burning Man Regional Representatives to Second Life. Dusty and Danger Ranger are the other two. I am also a volunteer with Burning Man and a Black Rock Ranger at that little event they have out in the Nevada desert.

If you have been coming to Burns in Second Life you  may remember Dusty (formerly Linden) Udal, who helped lead the BURN for many years. You may also recognize Danger Ranger as one of the founders of Burning Man, the Rangers, the first Art Car creator, the first Black Rock Newspaper Editor/printer, Robotic computer assembler and I believe he invented Whiskey, however that may be a rumor....

Danger is a legendary Playa Shaman known for bi-location...being in two places at once.

I sit on a steering committee with Ronon Carver.  Ronon is a Black Rock Ranger as well, my campmate at Burning Man, and my indispensable voice of Burner Reason when I come up with wacky ideas. We help guide and inspire a group of people that meet Mondays at 7:00 PM here on Deep Hole. This group of people meet to plan events, coordinate resources, ask for help, and generally tell bad jokes. This meeting is called the Planning Table, and everyone is invited. But, if you come, be prepared to be put to work! We have no bystanders--only participants.

I want to single out a number of people who provided support to this group throughout 2012.   We want to give them thanks for their support of the success of the planning table.

Ronon Carver - Rangers, Community, Steering

Shendara Destiny - Infrastructure

Belldandy Watanabe and Ladyslipper Constantine - Ranger Leadership

Neeks Karu - Performance for Live Acts, Man Crew

Pygar Bu - Temple Crew

Barbs Kurka - Performance Coordination for DJs

Mikati Slade - Performance Coordination

Mia Quinote - Greeters

Taralyn Gravois - Art Team Lead

Buttermilk Panecek - Volunteers and Community

Marianne McCann - Communications

Leroy Horton, Attica Bekkers and Zorch Voom - DMV

Huntress Cataneo - Estate Management and Artist Coordination

Attica Bekkers - Porta Potties

Dove Rhode - Greeters

iSkye Silverweb - Lamplighters, Greeters

Leia Lulu - October Sim Coordination

EmSynth Resident - Tech wrangling and burn scripts

Working with this group are hundreds of volunteers. Thank you all for the gifts of time and effort put into making the BURN great!

This Town Hall continues our conversation about the future of BURN2. I will do this specific town hall in local text chat. We want to get feedback from you in text chat so we can document it.

We will take questions during our talk. I will stop and repeat the question in chat and answer it or ask you to make statements.

To request to ASK a question, please type a “?” in chat. We will catch your name and call on you. Have the question all pre-typed in and ready to go, so you can just hit “ctrl-enter” and it will SHOUT out.

You can ask questions of me, and if we need an answer from Burning Man, we will ask them. If you want to make a statement, don’t just text it out..save it and do a “!” in chat. We will ask you for your statement. This helps us get all the statements in chat together for easier logging.

Our 2012 Goals were simplified and firmed up. We  are going to continue with them  through 2013:

  1. To Have fun as a community
  2. To promote radical collaboration as part of the 10 Principles of Burning Man
  3. To promote participation in the Burning Community in Second Life

We have had a lot of fun in 2012. We started out with a Town Hall day, complete with our first Zombie Aplayaclypse. We then went straight into the April Fools Day event, followed by Occuplaya, our second Zombie Aplayaclypse, a Burniversity-athon featuring a day of workshops, our first of many Conception events celebrating the birth of Second Life and its Burning Man roots, and a second Town Hall. After Burning Man, we ramped up for BURN2 2012, followed by the Skin Burn, and finished out the year with Santalarity. The October BURN2 Burn had more than 5000 avatars attend it. One single camp had more than 1,500 avatars visit it and try their slide! As you can see, we had a very, very busy 2012.

We could not have done this without you all! You brought your gifts of time, and art, and leadership, and creativity to make 2012 special! Thank you! Let’s all give each other a big round of applause!

You will see more information about events, participation and schedules at www.burn2.org We're working on redesigning the website, creating a fresh theme and new content. Be sure to check it every few weeks and feel free to offer your feedback on the burn2.org website. Just click the "Suggestions" link over on the left.

So HOW will we do these events? Are there bystanders at BURN2? NO! We do everything with Volunteers! We love you! We need more volunteers! We need YOU!

Don't think you have useful skills? Don't "bet the rent," as Mom would say. I'm sure you have just the skills we need! Feel free to grab anybody with a "BURN2 Staff" tag if you'd like to talk about volunteer opportunities, or visit the burn2.org web site and click the "Volunteering" link over on the left.

We also have a volunteer kiosk in the South East corner of Deep Hole that will take you to the BURN2.ORG webpage where you can fill out a volunteer questionnaire. The URL is http://www.burn2.org/volunteer-signup 

Let’s take a minute to cam around us at this sim that we are on, Deep Hole. Look around and you will see things for the community. Meeting areas, chill spaces, stage areas, a gallery...and A Sand Box. Yes! That’s right! A sandbox just for you and anyone with whom you may want to collaborate.

This is your sim to use! You can use it many ways. Casually by using these spaces, or more formally scheduling a meeting or lecture or even...scheduling an event!

Last year Dudarling Supermarine organized the April Fool’s event, exemplifying how someone can energize all the volunteers to support pulling off a large event. More than 800 individual avatars attended April Fools over a weekend.

So to repeat myself from the last TOWN Hall...

There are NO BYSTANDERS FOR EVENTS OR EVENT PLANNING! This sim is here as a resource and our awesome volunteers are here to help you realize your dreams of having an event! Whether it is a poetry reading, art  show, weekend on the Virtual Playa, lecture, learning series...so long as it supports the 10 Principles, we want to bring it to the Playa and we will help you. We are your Playa Dream Enablers!

Grab an event planner here and fill it out!


Have questions? Just ask in the BurningMan 2.0 group, and a volunteer staff member online may be able to help you, or email info@burn2.org, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We hope to fill up Deep Hole with events and activities, classes, and art that keep you coming back and pre-compressing until the big BURN event in October!

We are excited about 2013! We have a series of core events and projects again that will be a lot of fun to work on!

Without further ADO.....our core FIVE Events are:

Burnal Equinox: March 22-24

Conception: June 24-30 (depending on SL Birthday Schedule)

Summer Town Hall: July ...

The big BURN2 October Burn! ( Octoburn): October 19-27

Skin Burn: Nov 9

Santalarity: Dec 14

We call the BIG BURN Octoburn as a working title only. We are excited to announce it NOW to you. We hope to have six FULL sims this year, but we can only do it with your donations and support! The big BURN2 burn has a budget of approximately $5,400 that we fund through camp purchases and donations. Last year was the best BURN ever!

We want to have an even better BURN in 2013 with your help. As you all know..the BURN is funded by....US..all of us. Renting sims for two months to host the October event is a big expense ($5,400 USD +++). We want to do everything that we can to raise money for a great burn, host our invited artists and camps, have a free camp lottery, and have as many camps as we can on the playa. And we want to do that and just cover expenses.

If you would like to donate money to support the BURN we are most grateful. There are donation kiosks around the sim, and they pay to our fundraising avatar M2 Burner. You make the BURN happen!

NOW...for the first time ever we are announcing the 2013 theme early!

Are you ready?

The art theme for the Burn2 BURN is the same as Burning Man’s theme. The theme is “Cargo Cult!”

From Burning Man’s website:

Our story begins in Melanesia during World War II. Thousands of American GIs suddenly descended on this South Sea island chain, bearing with them unimaginable riches: magical foodstuffs that never spoiled, inconceivable power sources. Just as abruptly the troops departed, leaving only broken, rusted Jeeps, crumpled beer cans, and the memory of Spam. To the astonished eyes of the natives, this was a miraculous occurrence, and they yearned for the return of abundance. Accordingly, they built totemic sky-craft in an attempt to summon back these Visitors and their legendary leader, the man the Melanesians called John Frum.

They had formed a Cargo Cult.

This Myth of Return is no less relevant today. To put this in a modern context, what if your electricity went dead and stayed that way -- would you know how to make the current flow again? Can you fix your car if it breaks down, or build yourself a new one? Like the islanders, most of us are many steps removed from the Cargo that entirely shapes our lives. We don't know how it's made, where it's made, or how it works; all we can do is look beyond the sky and pray for magic that will keep consumption flowing.

This theme is no less relevant in Second Life. Do we pine for the days of free sims for BURN events from The Lab? Do we yearn for the return of paid instructors? Do we wish for 1.0 clients? Do we know how to create our own vision of fun? Do we have the resources to do it?

The Cargo Cult theme can inspire us all to explore these concepts, but just like burning man, the theme is just a suggestion.

Now , let’s open the floor up to questions!