Anderson de Farias Silva

434 Summers Walk Circle

Garner, NC 27529



University of Maine Orono, ME

M.S. Information Systems

Fall 2005

GPA 3.7

Liberty University Lynchburg, VA

Department Mathematics and Computer Science

B.S. Computer Science

Minor in Mathematics

May 2000

Member of Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, Kappa Mu Epsilon Honor Society, Dean's List

GPA 3.6


Red Hat Certified Architect

Red Hat Certified Datacenter Specialist

Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator

Red Hat Certified Engineer

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, 6 & 7

Certification ID: 110-494-838

ITIL Foundation Certified

Version 2 and 3

January 2008, 2010


Red Hat, Inc. Raleigh, NC

June 2017 - Present

Senior Manager, IT Infrastructure Services Compute Services. Responsible governance, capacity, and management of physical and virtual servers across IT managed data centers and cloud providers. In addition to these core responsibilities, Compute Services also sets and executes the Windows server strategy in IT, and is heavily involved in the Infrastructure Management aspect of IT.

Red Hat, Inc. Raleigh, NC

March 2013 - Present

Senior Manager, IT Platform Operations. Responsible for the global team (US, Brazil, Czech Republic, India and Australia) which supports  Red Hat’s IT managed infrastructure and business critical applications. Other team responsibilities include data center and cloud provisioning, OS level system patching, application deployments in pre-production and production environment. Represented IT Operations in several Executive briefings with paying Red Hat customers.

Red Hat, Inc. Raleigh, NC

February 2012 - March 2013

Principal Software Engineer. Part of the team that maintained Red Hat's Public Platform-as-a-Service offering, Openshift Online, operational. Migrated Drupal servers from traditional data center configuration to Amazon's AWS. Maintainer of several Drupal modules for the Fedora and EPEL repositories. Worked with team helping maintain and develop several provisioning and monitoring scripts, and puppet modules for supporting the automation of our operational tasks.

Red Hat, Inc. Raleigh, NC

June 2007 - February 2012

Principal Software Applications Engineer and Lead of the IT Production Control Team.  Responsible for the performance, resource management, and process standards of the IT Production Control team. Worked with team to define and enforce the IT release process, which governs Red Hat's internal, and external business application suite. Worked with IT service towers managers, project managers, system administrators, developers, DBAs and network technicians to plan, manage, execute application deployments to internal and global web sites. Responsible for providing support for applications running on the production, stage and QA environments at Red Hat. Assisted with the development of several scripts and applications (python, perl, shell) to automate build, release process to assist team with deployments. Developed the ITIL Service Asset and Configuration Management process with the IT leadership and management of the company. Helped develop Incident, Change and Problem management reports using tools such as BMC Remedy and Jaspersoft iReport.

Liberty University Lynchburg, VA

May 2004 - December 2008

School of Engineering & Computational Sciences Adjunct Professor. Taught Web Architecture and Development residential and distant learning program. Arlington, VA

April 2006 - May 2007

Senior Programmer and System Administrator (Telecommute). Designed, developed and maintained applications in Perl, HTML, Javascript (including AJAX/AHAH), Shell Script, and Php. Assisted Network and System Administrators maintain CVS, Web Clusters on Red Hat Global File System, and MySQL. Estimated and Designed several projects including Object Oriented design, database and operating system security policies.

Liberty University Lynchburg, VA

August 2003 - April 2006

Verification and Testing Unit Lead / Programmer. Developed a brand new sub-department for the University responsible for approving the release of any new systems developed by the IT Development & Engineering Development. Managed a team of student workers who were responsible for testing and verifying deployments to production servers. Created workshops for developers to share knowledge and educate one another. Assisted developers creating better standards, and techniques to solve problems [i.e. re-usable code, code standards]. Implementation of products using Adobe Coldfusion, Perl, Shell, Delphi, MS SQL, Oracle, Java (Servlets, JSP). Linux system administrator. Setup Linux system for Patch Deployment procedures and uPortal testing technology.

Whetstone Logic, Inc / Alexandria, VA

Jan 2000 - April 2006

Senior Programmer & System Administrator (Full-time / Contract / Telecommute). Developed several web applications for clients, and internal use (HTML, PHP, Javascript, Perl). Solaris, Linux and FreeBSD System Administrator. Installed and maintained several Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers running as DNS, HTTP, E-mail, Mysql, Hylafax servers.  Designed several projects having to provide time estimates, Object Oriented design, database and operating system security policies. Configured several servers to run virtual domains on Apache, maintained Php and Perl installations on Apache. Setup DNS (bind) for several clients. Maintained majordomo mailing list for several clients. Designed and organized shell scripts to backup company servers. Maintained MySQL installation on servers. Servers included Red Hat Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris.

University of Maine UNET Orono, Me

May 2001 - September 2002

Analyst Programmer. Developed web and system applications with PL/SQL, Java (including JSP and Java Servlets), C, Rexx on Unix, MS Windows and IBM Mainframe. Developed databases on Oracle. Introduced to be an Oracle DBA by UNET's DBA.

Bangor Christian Schools Bangor, ME

August 2000 - May 2001

Part Time Computer Science High School Teacher. Introductory class on computer history, hardware, software, operating systems, networking, and web design.


Twenty years of experience with Linux Operating Systems.

Five or more years of experience with SQL, PHP, Perl, Unix Shell, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Coldfusion, Subversion and CVS.

Between two and five years of experience with Python, Oracle PL/SQL, PASCAL, C/C++, Java, Java Servlets, JSP, CFengine, Puppet, Git.

Knowledge of Rexx, Assembly Language, Ruby (Ruby on Rails), RPG.

Other Operating systems including DOS, Windows 95/NT/XP/Vista, Unix (AIX & Solaris) and, Mac OS X, IBM Mainframe.

Published several magazine articles about Open Source technologies in the US and in Brazil (see PUBLICATIONS).

Created, managed, developed and edited an online community called between 2002 and 2007. Portal was a customized several versions of PHPNuke Content Management System.

Developed e-commerce music store for Brazilian entrepreneur in PHP including system and database administration related maintenance. 

Currently maintains two packages (rpmrebuild and nethogs) under the Fedora Linux distribution.

Member of the School of Engineering and Computational Sciences Board of Advisors at Liberty University since 2009.

Red Hat Summit speaker in 2014. Openshift Enterprise in IT.

Fluent in English, Portuguese. Knowledge of Spanish.



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