Downloading a Single Page (High Quality)

If you want a high quality version of one page image from a book, you will need to use BHL to identify the page information and Internet Archive to download the page. You need to find two things before you can download an image: the page ID for the page you want to download, and the list of image files from which you can get the page.

Finding the page ID

  1. Take note of the page information you want—page number, etc.
  2. Click on Download Contents button (right side of the screen), and select View at Internet Archive.

BHL Screenshot 1.png

  1. Navigate to the desired page by clicking on the page images, using the information you gathered at the beginning of this process.
  1. You can also enter fullscreen mode and navigate faster using the scroll bar at the bottom or using the thumbnail view.
  1. Right click on the page itself (or Command + click on Mac) to identify the image file address. Depending on your browser, click on the appropriate option in the menu:
  1. Look for a 4 digit number followed by “.jp2”. IE Filename.PNG

  1. Record this number to use later (while downloading the image itself).

Getting to the list of image files

  1. Go back to the original Internet Archive tab, with the page viewer, and find the Download options.
  2. IMPORTANT: Right-click on Single Page Processed JP2 ZIP. Do not left-click on the link unless you would like to download a .zip file containing all of the page images for the whole book.  
  3. After right-clicking on the link, copy the link address.
  • Internet Explorer: Copy shortcut
  • Firefox: Copy link location
  • Chrome: Copy link address
  • Safari: Copy link
  1. Open a new tab in your browser and paste the address into the address bar. (Keyboard shortcut for paste: Ctrl + V)
  2. Before pressing enter, put a “/” at the end of the URL. If you don’t have the trailing slash, you will download the whole .zip file.
  3. The final URL after all the copying and pasting should look something like this:

  1. Hit enter to go to that page, and you will see the list of individual image files.

Copy Link Address.png

Downloading the image itself

  1. Using the 4-digit picture ID number for the page you want, find the file and click on “jpg” next to the file name. If you would like the JP2 file (which is the highest resolution available and requires certain software to view), click on the hyperlinked file name itself.
  1. Don't know what a JP2 is? Visit our JP2 information page at to learn more.
  1. Right-click on the image and select Save image as, then select the location you would like to save it.
  2. Enjoy your high quality image! If you want more information on how you can use your image and stay within copyright, visit our copyright page at