China Red Army General

One of the new Leaders of the People's Liberation Army, introduced in Operation: Firestorm, is General Lei Xiang, commander of the Chinese Red Army, the PLAs primary ground and attack forces. Xiang sends masses of highly trained infantry, as well as China's most advanced tanks into battle. His weakness in artillery can be overcome by the unmatched strength of his vehicles and soldiers.

General Points:

Tree 1 Tanks:

Rank1: Promotion (for all Tanks)

Rank2: Frenzy

Rank3: Emperor (Unlocks the Emperor tank, build limit of 5)

Rank4: Frenzy 2 (increased duration)

Rank5: Mass Production (Upgrade, increases vehicle build speed; increases Emperor limit to 8)

Tree 2 Infantry:

Rank1: Promotion (for all Infantry)

Rank2: Paradrop (drops Assault Guards, Mortars and Tank Hunters)

Rank3: Advanced Infantry (Unlocks Minigunner and Tank Destroyer)

Rank4: Paradrop 2 (drops additional Minigunner and Tank Destroyer)

Rank5: Fanaticism (Upgrade, increases horde bonus, works also on vehicles)

Additional Points:


Emergency Repair 1 (can be upgraded in Propaganda Center)

Rank2-4: (3 levels)

Artillery Barrage

Rank2-4: (3 levels)

Carpet Bomb (1, 2 or 3 H6 bomber)

Rank2: Cluster mine drop

Rank3: TOS-1 (unit unlock, Heavy Artillery, fires napalm missiles)

Rank4: Field Command Vehicle (unit unlock, heavy support vehicle)


Napalm Bomb (costs 2 points)


Invasion (costs 2 points, drops multiple tanks and infantry)

New Units:

War Factory:

Battlemaster (Advanced version, increased armor)

Conqueror (T3; Heavy Tank, has a missile jammer)

Troop Crawler (has a speaker tower; 8 Assault Guards)

Assault Crawler (empty; fireports; armed with Autocannon, can be upgraded to ATGM launcher)

Gattling Tank (Advanced version, increased armor)

TOS-1 (Rank3; Heavy Artillery)

Emperor (Rank3; Super-Heavy-Tank; speaker tower; can be upgraded with bunker or gattling)

Field Command Vehicle (Rank4; Support Vehicle, <details classified>)

Tornado Missile System (T3, Heavy AA)


MiG 1.44 (standard fighter, Anti-Tank/Anti-Air missiles)

Chimera (T2; Napalm Bomber)

Iron Dragon (T3; Armored gunship; lots of ammo)

Helix (Napalm Bomb is a global upgrade)


Assault Guard (main infantry; increased HP and damage)

Sniper (T2; excellent vs. infantry, not stealthed)

Mortar (artillery soldier)

Minigunner (Heavy armored infantry; effective vs infantry and aircraft)

Tank Destroyer (advanced infantry, strongs vs. tanks)

New Buildings:

Industrial Plant (T3 tech building, decreases vehicle build costs)

Hacker Outpost (Protection for Hackers)


Nuclear Missile (increased damage and radius)

New Upgrades:

Explosive Reactive Armor (increases Tank HP)

Kevlar Vests (increases infantry HP)

Autoloader (increases Battlemaster and Conqueror rate of fire)