Field Experience ~ Spring 2014

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Hamline email address:__________________________

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Instructor: Dana Coleman     CRN #38367


GED 7867 ~ Theory to Practice

Type of Experience:

Middle School Observations 

Duration, Frequency and Approximate Dates:

15 hours

Hours can be completed however it works best for everyone involved.  The 15 hours must be completed between February 24 - April 18.

Student Expectations:

*  Make initial contact with your host teacher as soon as you receive your placement.

*  Clearly communicate with your host teacher.

*  Arrive in the classroom promptly.

*  Remember you are here to learn not critique.

*  Turn cell phones off.

*  Come well prepared.

*  Dress professionally.

*  Remain trustworthy in commitments to the host teacher.

*  Contribute to the classroom environment in positive, supportive, non intrusive ways.

*  Support your host teacher as requested.

*  Offer assistance as needed.

*  Regularly engage with students to support their growth and development.

*  Confidentiality is crucial.


Host Teacher Involvement:

*  Provide an opportunity for teacher candidates to observe, interact with students, and learn from your teaching.

* Complete a final online evaluation of the teacher candidate’s contributions to your classroom environment.

Hamline Supervision:

No direct supervision from Hamline. Professor may make a brief classroom visit.


Will be sent at the end of the semester.

Hamline Contact:

Dana Coleman    (651)523-2568

Dana Coleman

Office of Clinical Experience

Hamline University

School of Education