Contact Information:

  • Hennepin County Attorney, Michael O. Freeman
  • Minneapolis Police Department

Change the location & name and use the subject line “JUSTICE FOR GEORGE FLOYD”.

To whomever this may concern:

I am taking time out of my day from my home of [location] to write about the recent events that have occurred in your city. I am demanding justice for George Floyd, a man who was killed in cold blood which, I might add, was caught on tape. There is proof that these officers murdered someone. You need to call it what it is: MURDER. Firing the officers involved is not enough. Officer Derek Chauvin #1087 is guilty of murder, and the three other officers, are accomplices to this hate crime which took someone's LIFE. George Floyd and his family deserve true justice. Giving these officers paid leave even though they KILLED an innocent man is beyond inappropriate. They killed someone. Charge them with murder. They are murderers.

As an American citizen, I refuse to sit silently and watch how inappropriately this is being handled, ESPECIALLY because an innocent black man lost his life at the hands of your incompetent officers.

I demand justice for George Floyd and I refuse to be silent until these officers are taken to court and charged for their crimes.

With whatever respect is due to you,


(outline written by @ioneiydaydreams on twitter)