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The day the lion played soccer

One day a lion was  gambling he beted ronaldo that he would have him in a soccer if the lion won ronaldo would have to give the lion 1000000000000000000000000000$ but if ronaldo won he got to keep the lion and get the

 cash. The lion decided to name

the team the ⚽


And ronaldo asked ⚽real⚽ madrid⚽.

Strat after that he went to the

 bank he got his


for the ground.

At the ground the next day the lion got ready

 he accidentally stepped in poo.💩💩🐩

Next ronaldo got there he was determined! He said “prepared to be beaten” and in the first 21 seconds the lion saved a goal that was shot by ronaldo and went for a goalie run and scored  the score was 1-0 the lions way then ronaldo was freres at the lion he tried and tried at halftime the score was 7-0 and ronaldo said to himself stay calm and ronaldo got 5 goals in the first 30 minutes and he drank powerade when he was on sub his friends scored 1 goal that would make it 7-6

By Jimmy and Will