Learning By Design Conference March 2017: Workshop Facilitator Proposal

Walk With Us: Google Street View and WalkInto as a Medium for Virtual Field Trips in the Classroom

This session will demonstrate how Google Street View, 360' photography and WalkInto, a free virtual tour building software, can be used as a tool for creating interactive, audience-responsive and customizable virtual field trips. Walk With Us (WWU) is a digital storytelling project based in the city of Timmins in northeastern Ontario, Canada. WWU uses this platform for Indigenous youth to produce content - to create and share stories of their upbringing, culture, and traditions, and discuss the issues that affect them. This will also serve as a digital archive available for public access and reference, where WWU hopes to increase awareness of some of the challenges Indigenous communities face, and foster hope in the connections created in order to spread positive messaging and resilience. This platform can accommodate a variety of use cases in education.

Main Objectives of Workshop

Participants will:

Intended Audience

I would encourage educators who would like to learn about real classroom applications of virtual tour building software, 360’ photography and Google mapping technology to attend this session.