Control Panel

We have no need for a log in or "control panel" here at Ptc Groups because all of our reports are available without having to log in. The reports are listed by user name and you can find all of our reports by checking the "Index of all of our Pages" at the very top of each page.

When you make your first deposit into your Ptc Groups©  account your account information will be emailed to you whenever you request. get busy and get into the matrix!

Deposit means that you have made the minimum deposit within the time frame for the particular ptc site you are working with.

There is no "log in" procedure with Ptc Groups©. You simply got to:


 If you want to make changes in your sites or add new sites before you qualify, simply go to the "Select Your Ptc Programs" page ,

 and join the site(s) you want to join. When you make a deposit it will trigger an update in your CURRENT account but will NOT create a new account for you.