Mountain View School                                                                

Site Council Minutes

March 14, 2017

Meeting Four

In Attendance: Ted Nevills, Rachel Ayers, Tiffany Mitchell, Gail Miller, Heather Featherstone, Daniel Roberts

  1. Welcome and Celebrations
  1. PTA support - committed to school goals, purchasing 40 chromebooks with a cart ($9000) and for the makerspace room: SMART table (interactive touch screen) - a total of $16000 to the school
  2. Chief Science Officers - CSO, PTA is funding one CSO for next year, company provides training that networks with other CSO’s across the state.  They are STEM representatives to State Legislature and national representation.  Two students will be selected from applicants and will be voted into the position by the student body.  Current 5th & 6th graders to help build the program with many years here before they move to High School.  Seven (7)  applications total are being reviewed.  
  3. State Geography Bee - Jose De La Cruz (6th) is going to state geography bee for the second year in a row.  He is the only student in the district.
  4. Whip around -
  1. Gearing up for Kinder Round up on Wednesday, March 14.  
  2. Honor Choir is April 1 at VVHS.  
  3. 5th grade benchmarks went very well - students were excited about it and felt ready (73% was highest as a class).  Compared to where we were last year, we are in a much better place.  Compared to district, we are right in the running.  Huge growth is showed (hoping to get them into the 70s).


  1. Current tax expenditure request for athletics or other activities - See snapshot page -
  1. Click here for a current budget update (as of March 13, 2017)
  2. Athletics
  1. Season 4: Flag Football and Volleyball
  1. Flag football - purchase cones and footballs (Jim Dean requested purchase of regulation footballs) - $51 for cones, $120 for footballs for a total of $190 including tax.  Gail moved to approve order, seconded.
  1. VOTE: 2-0 in favor of purchase. (one teacher, one parent)        
  1. Volleyball needs a new net or poles - Tiffany Mitchell will investigate what we need for replacements and report to Gail and Rachel.  Purchase is tabled for further research.

  1. District and school updates and discussion
  1. Benchmark Results
  2. AzMERIT
  3. Community Outreach/Marketing - Be an advocate for our school is essential.  Suggestions:  promoting community events like the carnival, neighborhood block party, movie in the park.  Site council will follow up with PTA who can coordinate with Cortessa HOA.

Meeting adjourned at 5:05pm