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Welcome to today’s special show. Ever since the 1947 Roswell spacecraft crash many people around the world wonder if their is life beyond earth. In 2013 an American survey found 50% of people believe we are not alone. In the next 30 minutes we’re looking into the truth about Aliens and UFOs. Are Aliens and myth or fact? Are most UFO’s flying saucers? Are crop circles faked? And are Alien abductions authentic?

Let’s get straight to the point. I have my own bias. I’m a skeptic. However it is very possible by the end of the show that my opinion may sway.

There are thousands of reports of strange lights hovering above the ground all across the world.

But what is really going on? Stay tuned.

Crop Circles: they are either a circle or pattern that a farmer has made or signify a flying saucer landing or that aliens are being artistic to intrigue us.

The first sighting of a crop circle was in the 1500s. Other sighting occurred in the 17th century but normally were simply believed to be caused by weather phenomenon. The most important piece to this mystery is the immense sudden jump in sightings that started in the 1960s.

Crop circles became popular in the 1980s and it turned into a tourist destination. By 1990 alone some 500 crop circles were made in Europe.

Before the 1990s crop circles were just that, simple circles that weren’t very complicated. But after the 1990s crop circles became very elaborate. You can see Aztec designs, mazes and any random design you can think of.

Of course you can google crop circles and find an array of types. But what’s fascinating are the complex mathematically accurate circles. Mathematicians who have visited crop circles believe whoever made them requires a serious level of accuracy and understand the mathematical system of Euclidean (u-cli-e-den) geometry.

Theories of a crop circle’s origin include landing alien aircraft, the wind, aircraft, earth energy and humans.

[drum roll] Fact or Fiction: Fiction. The majority of evidence suggests crop circles are unlikely to be made from alien spacecraft. The majority are likely a hoax by humans or occurred from weather phenomenon.


This You Tube documentry is about proof Crop Circles are real:

Father and son duo made crop circles for the past 15 years:

ABC News filed a report that NASA Administrator Charles Bolden says UFOs and Alien are real:

UFO’s: We know there’s UFOs, but are they flying saucers? I’ve seen a UFO before but it was a burning ball in the sky floating upwards and I didn’t think it was at all extraterrestrial.

There are 7 things often mistaken for an extraterrestrial UFO:

  1. Lightning: A weather phenomenon called sprites occur in thunderstorms and can turn into a glowing ball of electricity easily spooking an on looker.
  2. Military testing: Missile tests. It may not be relevant to some countries but a missile test can look like a spiral light show, a worm-hole out of a movie, and have a blue-green beam of light.
  3. Cloud formations. Under certain circumstances a cloud can look like a halo and be mistaken for a flying saucer.
  4. Balloons: Weather balloons or just party balloons can be mistaken for a UFO.
  5. Venus: The planet shines so bright and at its orbit can look like it’s darting side to side.
  6. Airplanes: Military aircraft and jet trails can sometimes be mistaken
  7. Finally Military experiments. New Mexico had many military experiments during the cold war including Project Mogul where they had floating microphones attached to balloons at high altitudes to attempt to hear sound waves of Soviet atomic bomb tests.

But I know what you’re thinking, what about all the photos of light formations and actual flying discs? Some look very convincing. The truth is it’s uncertain. Many pilots have seen UFOs and while a good portion can be dismissed as weather phenomenon there’s also cases where military pilots have UFOs on radar and coincidentally at the same time of the UFO sighting their military equipment used seems to fail and other reports come in also seeing the same object by witnesses.

[drum roll] Fact or Fiction: Plausible. I’m swaying towards unlikely as most UFOs can be dismissed as natural phenomenon however some military cases are well documented and do have unexplained UFOs with radar proof and multiple military witnesses.


Aliens and abductions: Is ET real? A lot of Americans think so. That’s likely because Americans see plenty of UFOs!

This report is from CNN: 

An article surfaced in the English paper, the mirror last year on the 28th of October 2014.

“Aliens are REAL reveals former Area 51 scientist who insists they're friendly and helping us

A scientist has revealed that aliens are real.

Dr Boyd Bushman - who used to work at Area 51 - opened up about his career in studying UFOs and alien life at the secretive base in a documentary filmed just before he died.

"With respect to the alien craft, we have American citizens who are working on UFOs 24 hours a day.

"We are trying to learn what to do."

The former senior scientist describes that the aliens we know of can be split into two groups.

"There are two groups of aliens," describes. "They divide them into two groups. It’s like a cattle ranch.

"One group are wranglers, and the others are rustlers – the stealers of cattle. The ones that are wranglers are much more friendly, and have a better relationship with us."

He describes the aliens as five feet tall and says that "one or two of them are around 230 years old".

He goes on to reveal that 'at least 18 operate with our facility'.

While their eyes and noses are different from humans, Dr Boyd reveals that they still have five fingers and five toes but they are telepathic mind readers.

"They're able to use their own voice by telepathy to talk to you," he reveals.

He also added that the aliens were dressed in dungarees so they could be grabbed when they started to float.

That article was from the Mirror.

That all sounds pretty far fetched, but could it be true? The evidence isn’t clear. Eyewitness reports suggest there’s been a lot of activity but at the end of the day it is hard to verify.

I watched a YouTube clip of video evidence of aliens, however the clips showed very blurry images or what looked like animals in shot. There was no clear cut evidence. You can watch the same clip online by following the link I will put in the transcript of this show.

But it does make you wonder if being in such a large universe means we are alone or if some other extraterrestrial race may exist. There’s a lot of theories including that an ancient race lives inside the earth that are over 7 feet tall.

As we continue to answer the question on if Aliens are real? We now move to abductions:

Cattle: Bovine excision has many reports and has very concrete evidence. However cattle mutilation seems to centre mostly in the US. The truth is that cattle are being mutilated and it is sharp precision cuts and bloodless. What we don’t know is by whom. Theories include cult rituals, government experiments, taken by chupacabras, taken by aliens for medical research and human attacks against animals.

Veterinarians and scientists have a very simple theory. Cattle die from natural causes and subjected to terrestrial phenomenon - scavengers, parasites, birds, insects, etc. Tests were made on this theory and proved to be true. However some farmers disagree as their cattle attacked were the healthiest in the flock and showed no sign of disease.

[drum roll] Fact or Fiction: Fact. There’s enormous evidence showing cattle abductions. However there is a lack of evidence that extraterrestrials are taking cattle for experiments.  

Human abductions: I find it very unsettling reading personal accounts of alien abductions and sadly there are thousands. Are these people making it up or is it true? The biggest issue by far is the fact abductees under hypnosis are able to tell in detail what happened. It shows the mind has memory of the incident. Fear and anxiety can cripple the most clear-headed person. There’s a lot of people that consider an alien abduction as the most fearsome experience ever. I’d agree. So did the abductees make it up? Abductees around the world have similar stories.

One scientific theory suggests sleep paralysis  “Sleep paralysis renders a person awake and aware of her surroundings, but completely paralyzed for seconds to several minutes, though episodes lasting over an hour have been reported. Visual and auditory hallucinations often accompany the paralysis. People hear strange sounds, see ghastly figures, and can feel the presence of foreign beings in their midst. Sleep paralysis is surprisingly common, affecting about 8 percent of the population.” from The Daily Beast. You can see the correlation between sleep paralysis and an extraterrestrial abduction. Scientists have been able to create this phenomenon in patients so they have a feeling of an alien abduction occurring. There are interesting accounts from abductees where they have been abducted and upon returning have unusual cuts and metal implants. These cuts are unexplainable and the medical problems that occur afterwards e.g. migraines, constantly ill, etc are unexplainable. Some stories of abductions have included a camera of them sleep and the person being lifted off the bed. But despite this evidence it is uncertain how they are moving. Something is definitely happening but there’s no clear cut evidence it is extraterrestrial. It is more likely paranormal.

[drum roll] Fact or Fiction: Fiction. At this point there’s too little evidence to suggest aliens are kidnapping people. It is likely a disruption of sleep and an over stimulating imagination. But there are some cases that can not be explained.


You’re back on the Alien and UFO special and it is nearly the end of our special show. I’m not sure if you were hoping for more positive news but it looks like for another day I remain a skeptic? Do you believe we are alone in the universe? Email us at hriradio at gmail dot com and also send us a reception report for a special edition alien EQSL card. Of course this script with other links is on our website at hriradio dot org

Thanks for tuning in and remember “the truth is out there”.


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